Thursday, March 12, 2009

I am an equal opportunity believer.I’m the kind who believes that if the traffic is slow, I am being protected from an accident up ahead. I believe in the light of the sun and the glow of the moon. The nature of things comforts me. I believe there are truth tellers and there are liars, and if I pay attention I will always know the difference.

In general, t
he latter cast their eyes down when they tell their lies. Some lying sacks of shit beg to be called out and look you straight in the eye as they lie their asses off. I’ve seen children like this and they have learned from their parents……..”Tell the teacher you were sick.”

I believe that some people are givers and some people are takers. Some takers will at least say “Thank you.” If after a time “thank you” never crosses the threshold, I think its good form to move on and quit the giving. (See last Friday’s blog about self centered people.)

I believe that there is always something good buried in the bad. For example, on my first
try to get into the credential program, I wasn’t chosen. I thought my life had ended. Instead, it began. I got married and had 2 babies. I was meant to do this before I became a teacher.

When bad things happen to me, I always try to remember that.I believe it’s possible t
o recognize a love at first sight. A friend asked me in a somewhat disgusted manner, “Why are you so happy?” I believe it’s easy as hell to spend life sad, mad, depressed and irritated. Joy on the other hand, requires work, commitment and discipline, especially in a world which frequently gives cause for the aforementioned emotions.

I believe most things of worth come as a result of work, commitment and discipline.
I believe that the little voice inside should never ever be ignored. That little voice is the source of guidance. That voice wa
rns you of danger and usually keeps you in tune with your true self. Ignoring the voice is more like playing a bad hand of poker.

I believe there is a reason things happen. There is usually not a note pinned to the thing that happens, but we have to accept it. Sometimes the reason doesn’t show up for years and years. I figured out the credential program shortly after I got my job. I wasn’t meant to go to that first college’s program. I was supposed to go to the college I did and be noticed by the powers that be in the district I now work for.

My children were obviously ready to be born and live their lives sooner than I
was originally planning. Some reasons take longer to find out why they have happened. I’m still waiting for the reason one of my best friends, Jill Nut, had to go through a very painful divorce over three years ago. I know she is waiting, as well.

I lost part of my friend through that because she will be on anti-depressants the rest of her life.
However, I have no doubt the reason for the whole thing will eventually pop up. I just hope I am still around to see it.I am owning my inner Pollyanna.

She’s working for me as I drive to the children factory each day and softly speaking in my ear.
In a perfect world, everyone would have a Pollyanna to listen to. I wish that for all of you.

Nutsville Class Assignment:Have bad things happened to you and you finally realize why they were supposed to occur?

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