Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Fairytale

There is nothing in life that love cannot change. When we feel love, our hearts feel much lighter. Very nice words Isn't it! That love can fill your heart so much fulfillment and seems your world stop and you don't even care everything surrounds you, and seems you are in the story of a fairytale that will end happily ever and after ...

But why all of a sudden this love has always an ending with saying Goodbye...
We started saying a simple h
ello and become lovers, changing sweet words to each other including the most important three words :


And there is a time when we ended conversations our saying bye and I love you is mostly un-ended. Very sweet moment that I can not forget during that time coz love is there between us....

Until one day my fear is come that our un-ended bye to each other has to come to an end with a single word only "GOODBYE" and not to follow the word


It's so hard to explain the feelings of leaving and separating from someone you love still, but the truth saying goodbye feel cuts like a knife and stab your hearts a thousand times... I don't know why, and it's so hard to explain. Why should I feel this way, with a heart full of pain? So much to consider, in this our little affair was ended this way so fast, and it goes with saying,

"Life can be so unfair".

And thinking all that's been spoken, Rationalize it, to keep my heart from being broken. There is so much question in my mind begin with the words,

"Why's, How's and Where's"

But they are all left unanswered. Well every moment for me now is like a nightmare always sparking sad memories.

I have here in net not once but twice having a broken hearted, and at the end, feeling of guilt incurred with me and to blame my self why I've learned them to love and why I have to believe that virtual love will end in a happy ending story like when I was a kid and reading so many fairytales book, assuming that can happen within me someday... I bet this sad memories of mine is not that easy to forget, time can tell, time can heal;When? I don't know' but I have to be strong and move on to fast as much as I can until my heart is ready again, it will get better and it just takes time. I know it sucks to remember stuff you'd rather forget, I'm just going to sit back and let whatever happens to happen... enjoy my life with friends and let God drive for my wheel of life ... nothing else I can do! And for my ended love thanks for everything, there is no regret that i gave my love for you, the only regret is,

"You are not meant for me",

Soon you will realize that somehow you will understand how pure my love I have given you ...
Take no offense to both of you; you don't deserve my love indeed...

Good luck!!!



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