Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"Be Ready For The Spring"

Your Complete Beauty Aid this Spring

It’s that time of the year when winter’s not completely out and spring not completely in. Winter must haves are as important as winter skin care to protect the skin from climatic changes. Some of the best skin care beauty products online need to be fished out to suit our individual needs.

So, let’s get you briefed on the skin care essentials for this spring-winter season.

Hair Care

The perfect combo of ‘Phytocitrus’ restructuring shampoo, instant hydrating conditioner and mask is a much needed essential for every hair type during winter. Or, you can try some traditional olive or coconut oil to restore moisture and vibrancy to your dull and dry hair - Fekkai shampoo and conditioner is the best bet here. Alternatively, you can use a Brazil nut mask to moisturize and condition your hair.

Face Care

Cleansing is the most vital part in face care. Use a light foaming cleanser like Aveeno ultra calming foaming cleanser to nurse irritated and dry skin back to a healthy glow. Use a moisturizer (use according to skin type) to re-hydrate the dry look. Lancome Aqua Fusion Cream with SPF 15, an ultra charged moisturizer with 16 skin essential elements, is ideal to keep the skin hydrated all day.

Body Care

Scrub-Moisturize and Glow! Now, to get that radiant look, start off with a tough scrub like Origins’ ‘Ginger scrub’ and follow it up with the evergreen St. Ives moisturizing body wash. And all those trim-looking beauties can try Bliss’s ‘FatGirlSlim’ skin firming cream.

Pedicure and Manicure

Pamper your hands and foot with shea-butter rich moisturizing creams from ‘Crabtree & Evelyn Gardners’ (with eucalyptus oil added for the tired feet). Or, you can try some herbal stuff, from ‘Clinique’, that helps get rid of aging lines to make your hands feel young again.

Men’s Special

Guys can surprise themselves with ‘Lab series’ maximum shave cream, Shiseido’s after shave spray or Kiehl’s facial moisturizer to look fresh and radiant throughout the day.

These beauty care products can help you fit well into the spring fashion trends. When shopping online, you can sure look into these latest beauty products and avail free shipping deals from these stores.

While winter is still on, make the most of your winter wear to protect your skin. Hair-Face-Body-Hands-Feet – You’re completely done, thanks to these beauty care products. You can pass enough muster with the right attitude; coupled with radiant beauty!

Gear up to be spring’s new fashion statement!

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