Friday, March 20, 2009

"If There Are Problems Because There Are Solutions"

Dealing with life's ups and downs

Life is full of ups and downs. What is life? To me, I think life is a journey. A journey to where we want to go. A journey to your dreams and goals. The path leading to our destination is not a smooth ones. Depending on where we want to go, some paths are smoother while some are harder to climb as it might be steeper and rockier than the other paths. Whether the paths are easy to 'walk' also depend on your brain power, this means that whether you have the determination and also depend on your stamina and strength. You might be wondering what I mean. I am just quoting an analogy of what our life is like. The paths refer to our daily lives and the stones or rocks refer to the obstacles that we face while we are dealing with our daily lives.

Whether you are a kid or you are a teenager or you are in your fifties, we all are faced with happiness and unhappiness in our lives. It is just normal. Some people can cope with the ups and downs of life while some cannot. For those people who cannot cope with it, they end their lives or resort to consumption of alcohol, drug abuse, and still others when cannot cope with the stress of life develop mental illness.
  • So how do we deal with life's ups and downs? I think, it all come from education and your own mindset. In the school time, we are not taught of what is life, how to deal with difficulties, how to cope with stress and so forth. We are only taught on academic subjects. Excel academically is what was stressed on previously.

In school, children are loaded with piles of work to do. At home, they have to do extra work as in having tuition or attending special classes so as not to 'lose out' to their peers (as some parents would think). For working people, they are faced with pressures from work and having to cope with work and family and also parenting duties. Because of all these, a lot of people are gradually developing mental illness of some kind or another. If from young, we are taught in school about dealing with all these problems then people can at least learn from these skills. Otherwise, a lot of people now how to resort to reading and learning from themselves, seeking self-improvement books.

Depending on education alone is not enough. Learning is one thing and practicing it and doing it is another thing. A lot of things have to depend on your own. If you do not want to 'help' yourself, nobody else can help you. You can read lots of books, attend a lot of seminars, but if you don't practice what you have learnt, it would be useless. What I mean is even if you have knowledge of what to do when face with problems, you have to practice what you have learnt. You have to be brave, you have to have a clear mind. Though is easy to say but difficult to do, but it is not impossible if you have a determine mindset to do anything you are determine to do. The main thing is to persevere.

With the correct mindset, and will-power, we should persevere til the end of our life's destination, despite the rocks and stones which stand in our way. Sometimes we might get a tripped and fall down. It is painful and you might have bruises, but be brave, stand up and clean yourself up again, rest for a while if you want. There is no hurry. When you fall down, think of why you fall down. How you are going to learn from your mistake. When you are ready, you are able to bring yourself to a greater distance. This time, you have to be prepared to walk a longer distance to compensate for what you have lost or missed.

Walking alone is very lonely. Sometimes you can walk in groups or in twos. Try to associate with positive people. When you are with positive people with a positive mind, you will soon inherit their thinking also, and you too will be happier. If you are always with negative people and always harbour negative thoughts, then life would be very miserable for you and to deal with life's up and downs would even be harder for you.

It seems like I have been narrating about all the life's down moments. Life got its 'ups'. What do we do with it? People seldom remember what you do good in but always remember what you are the bad things you do. We should change our mindset. Try to see the 'good' in every people rather than the 'flaws' in people. When we are in the happy moments of our lives, treasure it, try to 'prolong' it, and when we are in the 'down' moments, that is in our sad times, we can think back of our good time, and that will give you a 'power' and strength to 'pull' you up from your fall.

To see a clearer picture, these are my views on dealing with life's ups and downs:

Dealing with Ups of life

1. Treasure it
2. Have a good friend
3. store all the good memories in your special brain (so that you can always retrieve out in times of sadness. This will help boost your energy to move on from your fall, if any.)
4. Spread and share your happiness with people around you.

Dealing with Downs of life

1. be brave
2. let it out (have a diary or friend where you can pour your sorrows, seek help from. This well help you to feel better. Talk about it. Cry if you must. You will feel better.
3. Surround with Positive people
4. Do not have negative thoughts. Always think positive.
5. Improve your knowledge. Read more books on areas you want to improve yourself.
6. Think of where you go wrong and how to be better in future
7. What you should possess: Be determined, have a strong will-power and persevere to achieve your dreams.
8. learn from your mistakes when you fall; and try not to make the same mistakes again.

It's not easy to practice the above though it is easier said. However, I believe that with determination and patience, impossible would become I M POSSISIBLE.

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