Thursday, March 12, 2009

What is truth?

Truth is the plainness of whom you are.

The questions you need to ask yourself are:

· How important is truth in your life?
· How real is truth to you?

· How truthful are you to yourself?

There is a reason for truth in life for Truth is the basis upon which you express the realness of whom you are.However the paradigm of truth has become that which is expressed in words and not what is expressed in our daily living.

The fact remains; no one can change the truth in one’s life.

· Who you are, you become.
· What you are, you see
· What you become is what you made yourself to be.

Accept this fact of truth in your life and begin to work with the truth in you!

In every person that exists is a truth, how much of this truth have you developed in yourself?

Do you know that in the world today truth has become so unreal to many? Why is this so?

Some people question the need of truth in life when truth does not exist in the world, the question is;who says there is no truth in the world.

Truth must begin in you for the world to be truthful, so being truthful must of necessity start with you. For instance, how much of the truth in your life have you consciously made real today? This will inform you of your truthfulness to yourself and to the world.

Whatever vision you set for yourself, positively or negatively, becomes the truth in you.
The purpose of truth in life is very vital and paramount to our living.It is believed that a heart of truth gains liberty in the things of life because life in itself is based on truth.

Truth is constant and that is why we continue to observe nature expressing the
truth of its living for us to see.

The fact remains that the truth in a person confirms the reason for our living and our purpose on earth.This is why a man's vision must be real to bring truth to its reality.

What concept of "truth" do you hold of yourself?

Are you of "a believing truth", or of "a false truth", or of “the real truth"? Which "truth" do you live by?

What is "a believing truth"; a believing truth is that in which you conceive imaginary things to the world and live in this belief of truth though unreal.

What is "a false truth": a false truth is where you assume a lot of false things as your idea of living and you view these things as real when indeed they are not really real.

The "real truth" is truth that brings about actuality and requires concreteness, by this you are able to visualize the truth of the world you are living.

Which of these truths do you truly live by?Answering these questions will enable you know which world of truth you are living in.

For too long has truth been removed from earth but it is time that we begin to rebuild the world of truth in our lives, so that earth can begin to experience a big change in the lives of men that are living on it.

The value of truth to all.

If earth can gain the value of truth then the world will be a changed place. Can you imagine the creation expressing the truth of its living and nature being seen in its truth?What a wonderful world it would be to live in.

Where is the truth of your life? Are you ready to be a part of those who will allow the earth to bring forth its truth to reality of all who live on earth?

If you are, then begin by making a world of truth in you and the world will be transformed because you will know the truth and the earth can afford to relate its truth with you.

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