Thursday, March 26, 2009


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

She was not beautiful.
Nothing about her was extraordinary.
Nothing about her made her stand out in a crowd.
She grew up in a family of six.
The eldest, she learnt responsibility at an early age.
As she grew stronger, and brighter,
She instilled a sort of light cheer to whomever she met.

She was not beautiful.
But she made others feel beautiful about them.
She meets a rebel boy who thinks he's all man.
Befriending him, she teaches him how to read,
A little boost the man needed to go to college.

They became friends fast and she fell,
Fast in love with her rugged, handsome student.
The "man" then finds himself in a dilemma..
He soon found himself in love with a girl.
A girl so beautiful, she turned even the grouchiest men's head.
Her hair was a halo of light around her,
Her eyes the bluest blue of ocean.
Like an angel he tells his tutor
Like a beautiful angel.

The girl swallows a lump at her throat,
She was not beautiful..
She did not possess the heart of the one she loved..
But she did not care.
As long as he was happy,
She would be or so she tried to.

She helped him write the most beautiful letter to his angel,
All the time envisioning that it was she herself
Receiving those very letters.
And so the girl helped him choose the right words,
Buy the right gifts for his angel..
His angel brought him much joy,
And much pain to the girl who cried behind her smiles.
But that never stopped her from giving more
Than she will ever receive.

Then one day, all hell broke loose.
The angel he loved left him for another man,
A richer, more successful man.
The boy was stunned..
He was so hurt he did not speak for days.
The girl went to him.
He cried on her shoulder and she cried with him.
He hurt and so did she.

Time went by.
And so the wounds healed.
The boy realizes something about his friend/tutor
He never realized before.
How her laughter sounded heavenly...
Or how her smiles brightened up the darkest days.
Or simply how beautiful, yes beautiful she looked to him!

This plain, simple girl was beautiful to him.
And he began to fall.
Fall so in love with this beautiful girl.

One day, he picks up all his courage to see her.
He walked to her house, nervous and fidgeting.
Running his thoughts over and over in his head.
He was going to tell her how beautiful she was to him.
He was going to tell her how wonderfully in love he was with her.

He knocked.
No one was home.
The next day he finds out,
The beautiful girl he fell in love with
had had a brain aneurysm, putting her into a coma.
The doctors were grim and the family decided to let her go.

One final time he got to see her.
He held her hand.
He stroked her hair.
And he cried for this beautiful girl.
He cried, for he will never see her smile.
Or hear her speak his name.
He cried.
But it was too late.
The beautiful girl was buried and the heavens broke out
In a beautiful spring shower, a cry for their loss.
She was the most beautiful girl in the world.

Look around you.
Aren't there a lot of plain faces?
Take a good look.
A real good look or you might miss out
On that beautiful person.
Forever . . .

Think about it seriously. May be u find one..................

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