Thursday, March 26, 2009


(I wrote this for a friend and her fiance')

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I run from my own thoughts as they yell at me from the inside.
I think of your voice until it overwhelms my being, pulling me from where I hide.
I would walk a thousand miles of dreaded fear just to feel you.
I would swim through the deepest of oceans to hold your face within my hands.
Have you ever stared at your ceiling wondering;
I trace the years with my fingers across a torn page in my mind,
I escape from my self too many times, to places nobody can find.
Images haunt this soul; Images only you would understand.
Images of your face painted into my soul,
Thinking up ways to frame it; Allowing it to create me whole.
Life can be so cruel with all it's speaking of "Fate".
Don't the Gods know it isn't fate, if you have to wait.
How many hours must pass before the sun will shine;
How often must the river flow, to recognize together we are divine.
Shall I rest my thoughts my love,
Shall I sleep one final night?
Perhaps when morning comes,
Fate will find me absent of my fight.
One day;
One day you shall see,
That your the only soul who has ever meant anything,

Green Ivy Border Pictures, Images and Photos

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