Friday, April 18, 2008

Live for Life

ive more openly inside of yourself.
Keep in mind that you're in a remarkable force take this force as your intrinsic energy, count for succor.

ever concede less than the best of yourself
that may seem banal, but mean to embrace taking time for exquisiteness. Be a more exquisite soul to stare at and converse to, not through self-glorification, but for the ascendancy of the art of individuality.

This is not merely a mundane thing, but a soulful power when you utilize aptly Believe me, exquisiteness is a gratuity, very invaluable, very ephemeral.

ive for life.
Take the maple tree as an exemplification It is gratifying and distinct to behold. It is like a radiant effigy Yet full of existence.

aples bestow subsistence to man in their sap;
bestow radiance to man in their veil and serene. They time their pursuit according to the urgency that breathes in the seasons.
They are as enchanting in autumn as in spring or summer.

hey reckon on the sun to warmth their sap.
Conceivably they muse of existence to arise, but they endure as if they were in that existence now. They know the tranquility of unfolding in their own condition of being, and live, not for tomorrow or today, But for the eternity that roost in the degree maple.

he gratifyingness of their sap is the insignia of enjoyment.
They have the birds for dwellers. They are the majestic abode of fun-loving amusing squirrels. Maples have no regard for the petty effects that agitated human beings.

Perpetuate yourself as a radiant maple tree In traquility and dignity at all times. Have the image of tranquility before you So that you may obtain it yourself

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