Wednesday, November 26, 2008



It's hard to pretend that you are happy where in fact you are not.
It's hard to show that you're strong but you know you're weak inside.
It's so stupid to be okay when it really hurts,
And it's tough to stand up when you are toppled down best.

Sometimes, i lose hope when I can't take it anymore.
Many times, I cry when everyone sems so uncertain.
Often, I complain with the hardships I have.
I thought, no one understands me...

But you know what? I still end up praising God after all...

The reason behind???

I just realize... Maybe I don't have anything in my life. But at least, I don't have nothing. Plus, my God's love for me is sufficient enough to conquer all odds.

And when difficult times come unexpectedly, i simply pray because I know I have a God who knows everything. What ever happens, i always keep in mind that it happens for a reason. All i need to do is to trust Him every moment of my life.

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