Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Quick Beauty Tips for everyday life

Here are a few useful tips to help women stay beautiful every day. You would be amazed how many of those will seem so simple to you but will actually make a huge difference! First of all you need to keep your face in place for longer! Buy a small pump spray bottle that you can usually find easily in the travel sections of high street stores, and fill with water. Use the pump spray to spray a fine mist over your face once you have applied your face makeup (pre-eye make up). You quickly will find that it sets your make up for the whole day making it last longer and preventing the need for continuous touch ups which is obviously a great news. The second tip is to consider having your eyelashes tinted. Having your eyelashes tinted is relatively quick and easy if you go to professional beautician (make sure they do a skin test beforehand) and is much more convenient and cheaper than using mascara every day, plus it does not run, smudge or take ten minutes to get off before bed! The next tip is a basic one. You need to keep it simple with soap!

Simply go old school and rediscover real soap. There are plenty of delicious scents, it is natural, long lasting and often seems to clean better too, so try it and you will not regret it! This one may look a bit silly but it is actually a good one that will help you make some savings here. Use the very last bit of all your products by taking pump action lids off, cutting open soft plastic tubes or using brushes to extract the last bits from cosmetics. You will really be amazed how much is left in the bottom when you would normally just throw them away! The last tip will help you fix your hair quickly. If your hair is looking a little greasy or you have not had a chance to wash it but want to freshen it up, sprinkle a little talcum powder through the roots, tip your head upside down, give it a shake and if you can, a quick blast with the hairdryer and this will give it a new lease of life. Those tips just really seem to be basic tips but you will see that they will make your everyday life different and help you stay beautiful every day. The author loves beauty products and knows a lot about Yardley English Lavender products, Yardley Lily of the valley and other Yardley products

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