Saturday, November 22, 2008

How can you tell if he is right for you?

Knowing a Guy/Girl Likes You Here is advice:

Men let women know they love them in different ways. Some men are very out-going and have no problem pursuing a woman and bluntly asking her out, while other men are either more cautious or very shy and find it difficult to ask a woman out for fear they are rejected. Many of us like to hold onto the fact and the "game of the race" that this person really cares about us, and to ask them out and be rejected could be a little much for some people because it means the end of it all. Young men will either ask you out if interested, or they may give you a shy smile, a quick nudge with their arm, even teasing you (but not hurtful teasing.) If you feel this person is shy there is nothing wrong in asking them out. Double date! This often makes both parties feel more comfortable.

You just know. You put one and one together and it becomes obvious. He tells you verbally or by his actions that he does. Just ask if you can't take the mystery.

He will give you subtle hints like wanting to be near you in a group. Talk to you and actually listen to what you have to say. He may go out of his way to be where you are. He might tease you and joke with you. He may be places that you are, often. He may look at you from a distance and turn when you see him. You should be able to tell that he act differently around you and to you than he does around others.

Some guys are weird about how they tell a girl they like her. There are the boyish ones who will make fun of or annoy you, and the shy, sensitive ones who will not directly ask you, but hang around you, and there is always some jerk who will call you hott and ask ya out. watch out for those,lol.

he will beat around the bush and act shy when you and him are around a lot of people. but then when you two are alone he wont act so shy. he will talk more and play hit you on the arm and stuff like that. or maybe he's not shy and just walk up to you and ask you out. he's got a lot of gut to do that so yes cause he probly took forever to get the nerve to walk up and ask.

Marcy Answer

You have got to be kidding. How you know, is the secret everybody is looking for. There is a thing called "vulnerability" and you must show it. Take out some insurance, but show this person that you are capable of going the distance. I mean, true love, all the way, vulnerability. When the person disappoints you, be ready to admit failure, and you have a right to stop loving this person; but remember there is forgiveness. How much do you have? The balance therein lies. If you have the strength to hang in there, because you understand this person's faults, and weaknesses, you may have a partner. This is the whole process, and you need to find out for yourself; how do I know if it's the right person. Have fun, most of all.


If a guy likes you, he'll either be really nice, or he'll pretend to dispise you. Some guys will just click with you, agreeing with what you say (because they agree, not because they want you to think they agree) and generally just making you happy. The other kind will walk around, call you names, pretend you don't exist. But if you get a chance to get one-on-one time with this guy, go for it! He's probably really into you, and will be super nice to you if he gets the chance to be alone with you (away from 'the guys').

Otherwise, just do what your intuition tells you. There really isn't some miracle answer for this. But, if a guy's lying, his ears/face will get red, and his eyes will get big. That's about as good as it gets. Good Luck!


It depends on the boy- He either
gets really red- like a tomato LOL!
crackin jokes around you
makes fun of you
poking you so you can poke him back
acts really different when he knows you're around
stutters when hes talking to you
doesnt look you in the eyes OR does a lot
always asks you first to be you're partner in something
waves to you a lot
gives a teeny tiny smile
just a list of what I've been observing when i know the boy likes a girl ;)


He will "Show off", act differently and try to make himself known to you.

He pays attention to you, or ignores you.

He is kind, or pulls your hair.

He says nice things, or says mean things.

Seeing a theme? I'm sorry to say there is no easy way. I spent a year interested in a girl in high school before letting her know. Some people spend longer than that, showing their interest in the wrong ways or not at all. I say, ask him.

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