Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"Attract The Woman Of Your Dreams"

How to Impress a Hot Woman Without Spending Money - My 3 Favorite Male Qualities (These Are Sexy!)

Okay guys...let's talk some more about how to impress a hot a woman! I mean, let's be TOTALLY honest. If you surveyed most men's most secret desires...the number one steamy desire that all guys have is to seduce beautiful women! And who wouldn't....there is NOTHING more beautiful (even to other girls..:-) than a magnificent and exotic woman! With that in mind, let's take a quick look at some easy things you can do to become INSTANTLY more attractive..without having to win the lottery, get a promotion or live in the gym! Read on..:-)

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There are 3 qualities that women look for in a man, that, absent any other of the obvious attraction factors (like looks and money) STILL make him irresistibly attractive. Confidence is number 1. Charisma is number 2. And Character - the quality that makes you WANT to bring him home to mom and dad is what ties is all together.

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So many men get this COMPLETELY wrong. Confidence has NOTHING to do with being loud...or obnoxious, or even OBVIOUS! Confidence, the SEXIEST quality in a man can be equally as compelling when it says NOTHING at all. Ask any woman - or even any MAN, who identify a guy in the room whose got confidence...and it's undeniable to all.

Remember guys, a woman wants to have fun! And the ability to make her (and everyone else) laugh is as charismatic as it gets....and the very best way is to be able to laugh at yourself! Fact: A man who can laugh at himself has AMPLE confidence and the charisma to boot to face up to ANY woman in the room and simply make her melt with his words....his movements and his mojo in general! And that is what my definition of sexy is! If you've got it....good, and if not....it's time you start!

And One Last thing.....Remember:

Women admit that they would prefer a man who COMMUNICATES passionately during sex (which means she wants a little lusty dialog..:-), they want you to learn the landscape a bit better ( understand her body) and they PREFER a man who is SUPREMELY confident and self assured.

You can INSTANTLY improve all three of these with JUST opening your awareness to the REAL secrets that women keep.......and in my experience, the REWARDS for the men who go the extra mile are worth their weight in earth shaking ORGASMIC gold for ALL of us!

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