Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"There's No Way To Go Back"

No Turning Back

We are at the point where there's no turning around.through all the good times and bad,you were the only sure thing

I had,and I am so glad that you I have found I cried many, many tears for you.
I've also laughed with you a lot.We have also fought,but, you shed tears for me too.
At times you don't treat me that good,but the times you do are better.
No other person could make my heart go pitter-patter like how you could.
Hearing that you were sorry for how you treated meand, that you didn't mean to do it,that sent my heart into a fit...

That's the side of you no one sees.I get tired of people telling me that I'm making a big mistake,and that my heart will breakbut, they don't see you the same as me.
Many times I've seen a tear in your eyeor heard it in your voice.
To allow me to see that is your choice,and every time I do I feel I could die.

Like I said in the beginning,we can't turn around nowand to try would be foul.I just hope that this isn't a fling.To end this I will say,I've given you something I can't get back,and that's a known fact.Now, I love you, is all I want you to say.

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