Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Cherish All Things That May Come"

Think Of This;

Imagine this: In your hands is a very precious creation so fragile, so valuable that if you keep on holding it, it either stay or fall apart.But you loved this creature so much that letting it go would be comparable to letting go of your life as well, so much that sometimes you wished it would always be there, so much that you tend to be selfish so as you could make it stay for as long as you want.

There comes a time in our lives that a chance upon someone "so nice" and "almost perfect" and we just find ourselves getting so intensely attached to that person (sometimes even without realizing it!). This feeling soon becomes a part of our daily lives and eventually guzzles our thoughts and actions to the extent that we dagged it as one of those "too good to be true" things.

Then in our desperate attempt to get closer, our efforts are still futile and we still feel sorry for ourselves. One person once said, "Never let your heart run your life. As much as you can always be sensible and let your mind speak for itself.

Try to listen not merely on what your feelings are evoking but more importantly listen to reason as well. "Letting go of someone doesn't necessarily mean you have to stop loving, it only means that you allow the person to find his own happiness without expecting him to come back.

Letting go is not just letting the other person free "in the real sense of it," but it is also setting yourself free from all animosities, hostility and resentments that was long kept in your heart. You have to let go because the bitterness often diminishes the strength and weakens the little hope left, making our lives more miserable than ever.

If i lose someone today, it means that someone better is coming tomorrow. If i lose love that doesn't mean i failed in love, probably it was another mismatch in heaven. No love can hurt as much as the love that can never be....and no thoughts can hurt as much as the thought of a love that could have been.

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