Saturday, November 1, 2008


There are times in our lives when we are swept away by raging emotions,times when we are overwhelmed by sadness,over come by misery,times when we feel that we are LOVE only for the worth others could get from us and not for who you really are, it is natural to feel this way,sometimes we all need to be alone to feel blue, to feel lonely,to listen to a song and cry. Then we ask our selves, why does the song have to end?..

Why do we have to cry when love has taken away from us? Why does it have to hurt when we let go of someone we LOVE!!!!!

In a relationship we treasure the hardest thing to do is saying GOODBYE and letting someone free, for in every last embrace, a part of us dies, every teardrops that falls, washes away our hopes, then we are left with pain and bitter memories, because we have lost love, never knew how and will probably never know WHY!!!!!!

We try to get away but every move we make, somehow has its way of reminding us of the past, all over again, every turn of our heads and every blink of an eye remind us of LOVE lost in eternity and it make us so empty, so alone, so desitate, every song no matter how beautiful it is,it will have to end on its last note,like every day has its night, all that has started will have to end sometimes.

Sometimes we can not control and just a fact that we have to accept to live up with.Let us remember our lives does'nt have to end where our heartaches BEGIN, somewhere, someone will come along and sing us his song of love.

Someday, someone will fill lives with joy and happiness, somehow, we will find LOVE again and it will wipe away our tears and bring us promise of a NEW LIFE, NEW HOPE and a BEAUTIFUL BEGINNING!!!!!!!!!

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