Thursday, November 6, 2008

"What Goes Around Comes Around"


WE create are own destiny and with every thought we sew a seed... a flower or a weed...We CHOOSE whether or not we allow someone else's words or thoughts to take root in the gardens of our mind...What do we want our garden to look like...???

Which thoughts do we allow to fall on to the fertile soil of our mind...and which ones do we pull out so that they may not take hold to become our daily mantras...

It is our choice...We ARE the keepers of our thoughts.I will not focus hours of negative attention on the weeds...Instead I will choose to hold them in the light...and when enough people join together to hold them in the light they will eventually begin to feel the warmth...

and they will either learn to grow roots in fertile ground or they will shrivel on the surface in the heat of the sun (the glow of love)either way... thoughts of love will conquer... if we choose them.I walk this Heaven on earth...YES WE CAN!!!

We are one! ... the caretakers of our planet, the branches of one tree, the keepers of our brothers and sisters...


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