Thursday, November 6, 2008


Focus On It

The influence of anything in your life is determined primarily by the amount of focus you give to it.

Your focus can make things bigger or smaller, depending on its direction and intensity.
Have you ever been so totally engrossed by some little something that you completely forgot about everything else for a moment?

It can indeed be startling when you experience the raw power of your own focus.
And you can choose at any time to put that power to use.

By directing your focus, you can positively affect every corner of your life.
What things would you like to make more abundant in your world?

Focus the energy of your thoughts on them and they will grow.
Have you been disappointed, slighted, frustrated, angered or insulted?
Point your focus toward the positive, fulfilling possibilities and you’ll quickly put the negativity behind you.

Focus can get you moving forward with a powerful, nearly unstoppable momentum.
Focus on the world you would most like to see, and with the power of focus you will make it appear

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