Sunday, November 9, 2008

"Expressive Eyes"

"Look Into My Eyes"

They infected in her soul

A malicious disease to hate

What she loves most

Her pride of being unique,

Was judged accordingly,

To their grammars

Of being characteristically misunderstood punctuation

They forgot that she is an extraordinary woman

Who needs no Dick to rationalize her emotions?

Nor Tom to try and fulfill her aspirations

And not even Harry to make her

A phenomenal woman

They are just in her eyes the passing sun rays

Of the rain droplets caressing her soul

With the strength to be justly judged as a phenomenal woman

And be trialed by those who believe innocence doesn't exist

In their dreams of wanting her naked and bare

But it is her love remembered

By us who remembers our ex's,

Axed by our inability to have patience

Strongly bonded in time to remind us

We have lost our own redeemed minds.

By failing to listen why we respond to a prayer

That blesses those we hate the most

With greatest passion of forgetting

The ones we simply love.

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