Thursday, November 6, 2008

"Importance Of Emotional Intelligence"

Emotional Intelligence

We usually believe that intelligent people succeed in life. However, according to psychologists, the intelligence, in its place, is undoubtedly important, but the success does not depend solely on intelligence. In fact the success depends on a hidden talent which guides us to lead a successful life and makes us capable of achieving better prospects in life. The social psychologists believe that for an individual, to be intelligent only, is not sufficient, but it is also necessary that his own personality should be such that it may be helpful for best utilization of the intellect.

Also, it is a fact that these two capabilities are present together in very few individuals. Individuals who are capable of controlling their emotions and intellect at the same time, in fact, know the art of remaining happy and successful for long periods of time and simultaneously they execute their virtues on the social attitudes.

Those who possess the capability of controlling their emotions, act according to the circumstances, become famous for their hard work and confidence and gain the trust of others. On the other hand, those who are very enthusiastic, impatient, emotional and unstable regarding their temperament, are usually not only successful, but, due to their obstinacy in their practical life and by implementing their own ideas and desires, soon fall prey to a feeling of deprivation and accept the failure quickly.

Those, who, instead of making haste in achieving their needs, practise patience, as a matter of fact, conquer their emotions by their wisdom. This act is the manifestation of emotional intelligence, by virtue of which, an individual compromizes with even worst circumstances.

Emotional intelligence, in fact, comprizes of qualities such as good attitude, better behaviour with others, civilized habits and decency, patience and sobriety. Therefore it may be accepted that we can make our conduct better and mature, by virtue of the above-mentioned qualities. Besides, these qualities also prove helpful for achieving better relations with others, better performance, successful married life, and higher goals regarding social and economic aspects of life.

Out of us, those who are capable of understanding that what may be the reaction of others in response to any matter, can lead their lives in a better way. Many of us, in states of anger, anxiety, frustration and hardship, do not care that such frank expression of emotions may cast what type of impressions on others who are associated with them. But those who possess the emotional intelligence can exercise self-control in such situations and if there is a need of emotional expression, they do adopt a suitable way for expressing their emotions To express anger, is an easy job, but Aristotle says
‘’ On the right person, at right time and for a right purpose, it is not easy to express anger in a right manner.’’

If we observe ourselves collectively , we would find that we are such a nation which is least capable of expressing emotional intelligence. We do not have the moral courage for accepting realities. Our tendency to fulfil our needs and wishes, over night,, leads us to the indecent and dishonest acts. And we must appreciate that by adopting such undesireable actions, the success and happiness which is achieved is not long lasting. Nothing is achieved except bad reputation and repentance .

We have many shortcomings regarding moral and conduct, because we want our will to be implemented in all matters and do not allow others to have their due rights. We do not attach any importance to the likings or dislikings of others. We do not respect others and do not pay regards to them. We are gradually running short of many virtues as conduct, decency and gentleness.

To find out the faults of others and dig out the secrets about their short comings, has become our favorite past time. We are deceitful, accuse others and are negligent in routine responsibilities. Inspite of doing all this, we, instead of feeling ashamed, about our wrong, indecent and illegal acts, we think that we are on the right path. All this , is a definite proof of our inferior emotional intelligence. Nevertheless , we should remain hopeful, because, according to psychologists, by making firm decisions and practising perseverance , we can improve the emotional intelligence.

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