Saturday, November 1, 2008

Don't trust a man if he says these 5 things!


Relationship experts say that women should be wary if a guy says any of the following things:

BUT I WILL TRIED TO CALL.Know this, ladies: if he wants to reach you, he will. That"s all there is to it.

I DID"NT GET THE MASSAGE.This may be feasible once. Perhaps twice, but unlikely. While it used to be safe to blame technology for our inability to connect, with today"s rapid-fire means of communication (who doesn"t have at least a cell phone and email these days), it"s highly unlikely he didn"t know you were trying to reach him. That said, it is possible. Just trust your gut… and if you"re questioning his words, your gut is telling you it"s a lie.

I DID'NT NOTICE WHAT SHE LOOKED LIKEAs much as we"d all love to be the only woman our guy sees, it"s just not the way things are. Think about it, you probably notice when a super hottie is in your proximity… and it doesn"t mean you want to cheat on your man with him. So ease up a little on your guy"s tasteful appreciation of women (ogling"s another story). However, if a beauty is in your radar and he says he "didn"t notice what she looked like," male dating experts say beware, he"s probably lying.

WE"LL TALK ABOUT IT LATER.Like I didn"t get the message could be true, so could this oft-heard saying from the mouths of men. However, if all you hear when serious subjects come up are promises that the issues will be addressed down the road, you can rest assured they won"t be. If it comes down to it, tell him to put up or shut up (or get out, more accurately). You can"t have a relationship with two people if only one side is communicating. Keep in mind however, you don"t need to talk about every single little thing. The ultimatum is meant only if conversations are always being put off or circumvented. And if you say it, you"d better be prepared to make good!

I COULD FALL IN LOVE WITH U IN A MINUTE.Translation: I"m not in love with you now. One guy dating some1 suggests that if a lady hears this whopper, she should wait a minute then ask him how he feels now. Guys will say a lot of things if they want to keep you around and you can usually tell whether or not they"re sincere (actions, ladies, that"s where it"s at). Take your blinders off for a moment and see things clearly. I think I"m falling in love with you usually means something… I could fall in love with you means very little in most situations.

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