Thursday, November 6, 2008

"Choose To Be Inspired..."

Be Inspired......

Envy is worse than a waste of time.

For when you hold on to thoughts of envy, you are actively holding yourself back.

Envy builds a wall between you and the abundance that could otherwise be yours.

Envy can drain you of your best possibilities.

Do you ever resent it when someone else has acquired or achieved or experienced some particular thing and you have not?

If so, then your envy actually makes your own situation worse.

Instead of being envious about the good fortune of others, be genuinely thankful for it.

That instantly puts you in a much better position to create similar good fortune in your own life.

When you celebrate the achievements of others, you connect yourself in a positive and empowering way to life’s abundance.

When you choose to be inspired, your eyes will open to many more valuable and positive possibilities.

Be truly thankful for the success that you see around you.

And that success will soon become your own.

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