Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"Poetic Majesty"


See how she makes me smile
Without doubt or comparison she resides In men’s hearts
A world apart like common nonsense to your troubled art
She is beauty

For sweetness is a fragrance that resides in her radiance
Like knowledge’s wisdom she is the truth within them
A kingdom refined in loves ointment
The black empress indeed my one true mistress

Poetic verses align to applaud such a creation
A masterpiece, indeed more than breath for she is spirit and heart
Substantial elevation like a thought in flight
Her wicked pen squirts unquestionable truth

Wise princess numbing men’s weak senses

Her only weakness is her tongues pureness

From past prophecies to modern realities
Fragmented from these scrolls so bear witness

Testimonies from minds that align with the ancients
Read the lies and made the strong confess
Who am I to object or come close to this
I observe from a distance

Read her choreographed movements in random moments

A true poet
What is her weakness?

I search her hearts contents only to find defeat in my nuisance

The worthless made worth it

Indeed she needs to hear these praises
For her smile sanitises the madness and lights the darkness
Her verbs aromas environments like incense

The enlightened sense the truths in this
So I live by your teachings to express loves true meaning
‘The lost king to be united through the queens offspring

Shocking the world as the truth comes in the open ’ (lol)

From united lips tongues now confessing

You really are

A majestic poet in everything

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