Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Catch Him & Keep Him

Relationships in the 21st century have become that much harder to maintain, let alone start. I see many happy couples all the time and can tell that the relationship is based on love and not ephemeral things like physical gratification. I'm sure you can tell as well. Couples like that just have that glow. There are heaps of happy couples, but there should be more. If you're a girl who just wants more guys to look at her, follow these three, simple tips on the kind of women men want.


This might seem like a no-brainer tip, but so I'm convinced that beneath a bland or cold exterior, a beautiful female hides herself. There may be many reasons that a girl doesn't like smiling, but it's one of the simplest and most beautiful expressions of happiness that guys simply can't get over. There are some people who can make you smile effortlessly, but nerves can get the better of you in front of a man you might like. The shape of your face changes when you smile a lot over a long period of time: your cheeks become rounder and fuller, leading to a more feminine appearance. Try smiling every morning and every evening or maybe when you're in the bathroom. Make an effort to laugh every day so that you will naturally fall into a smile.

Start a conversation.

Girls don't always have to rely on guys to talk. Whether it'd be over the phone or in person, unless you're totally comfortable with a guy, it tends to get awkward after a long period of silence. It's true that guys try to plan out conversations with girls before they meet them, especially if they have a thing for them, but it all goes out the window when we meet you. Men love a woman who doesn't make us feel like we have to have a book of things to talk about. Ask us about our day, tell us about yours, talk about a new movie you saw, we'll appreciate you for it.

Find out what we like

This is naturally an extension from talking to us. You're going to find out what we like and thus can see if on the long-term we'll get along or if we have common interests that you can capitalize on. A lot of guys like sports. That's a fact. Heaps of girls despise watching it or partaking in it. Don't let this stop you. Us guys aren't so single-dimensional that all we do is eat and watch sports. Find out where we like to go on the weekend, our hobbies, our work etc. This is the fastest way to get familiar with a guy.

To recap, the type of women men want has to be comfortable enough with herself to smile, has to know how to start and keep a conversation together and has to have an interest in what we like. This just translates to a gal who's down-to-earth and many guys like to be in company with.

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