Tuesday, November 18, 2008


There is no doubt that you are the one who still occupies my heart & mind
But I don't want to lie, I'm afraid to get near you & fall again so hard

That i thought I'd die, Dreams that had been shattered & Promises that had been broken
What's left to hold on to,I've started to learn that i should accept that we are not meant

I'm so sorry,It's hard to explain what i feel but i'm afraid to be near you
That once again you would hurt me,i think it is better to be this way

I love you & God knows it but i'd rather wish it to be this way than to hope that we will be one

Go on with your life,please....i'll be happy for you.....

I love you so much that i need to let go & move on

I hope you would understand

One day we will meet again wounds are heeled & we can be friends again

" I'm so proud of you & still you are my inspiration."

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