Tuesday, November 11, 2008

For my very best secrets on what turns a man on physically and emotionally, and what makes him see you as the one woman who's worth committing all of his time and attention to, and trading his precious "freedom" in for... go here now: http://www.catchhimkeephim.com/NALA Now on to those tips for making a man feel intense attraction. Here are 3 simple tips you can start using today. And a 4th tip I know will change the way you see men and relationships - and how men feel when they're around you - forever. Let's get to it. I want you to know a few things about how men think and act when it comes to women, dating, and relationships. And these have EVERYTHING to do with that magic emotion we like to call ATTRACTION. Ever wonder why a man will be affectionate and completely into you one day... And then for no good reason he stops calling, acts DISTANT and WITHDRAWN, and no longer seems to be interested in you? It leaves you wondering: Was it something you did or said to change his mind about you? Or was he really that fickle? Maybe he's just bad at communicating his thoughts and feelings. Either way, it doesn't leave you feeling good. And it sits in your mind for longer than you'd care to admit. What's going on here with men? And what can you do about it? Here's the reality... If a man acts this way, he's either: A) Not interested in pursuing any kind of relationship with you Or... B) Not feeling much ATTRACTION for you. Now there's good news and bad news here. Let's start with the bad news. Both of these reasons why a man will stop pursuing you are things that practically NO MAN will tell you directly. Which means... Odds are you'll NEVER hear from him what in the world was going on. Instead, he'll tell you he's too busy, stop calling, not return your calls, or a whole list of other cover-up excuses guys use. Anything to keep from having to explain how he's FEELING once something has happened that's suddenly made him feel TURNED-OFF. I know that sounds pretty awful, but here's the GOOD NEWS- If this kind of thing has happened to you with a great man you really were interested in, you should know that it can be easy to have him start feeling and being interested in you again. That is... if you know what to do. Once you know how to create those intense feelings of not just short-lived Physical Attraction inside him, but the kind of attraction that tugs at his heartstrings on an EMOTIONAL LEVEL... It's then that everything in your relationship with him will start to feel effortless. He'll want and need to be with you, and spend his time with just you all on his own. Now, for the hard part - inspiring this kind of deep ATTRACTION inside a man. (It's not hard if you know how it works. And I'm about to show you.) Here are a few simple tips for creating that kind of intense attraction: Tip #1: Show Him You're The Opposite Of Needy In case you didn't know, it's important to understand why a man can see you as needy, even when you're not. Did you know that a woman doesn't actually have to actually BE needy for a man to get that icky feeling inside that tells him "RUN!" when he's around her? The ways you share your feelings and lend emotional support to your girlfriends can bond your friendship, but that kind of "talking" and intimacy can actually make a man feel ANXIOUS AND SMOTHERED by you. Some examples of this are asking a man such things as, "why didn't you call yesterday?" or "aren't we going to see each other this weekend?" Don't go there if you want to keep the attraction going. A man will want more with you if he can sense that you're focused on enjoying and celebrating the time you ARE spending together. Rather than you feeling and accidentally communicating to him that you're scared or uncertain about the time you're NOT SPENDING together- which is guaranteed to make a strong, independent man pull back. A way to make this simple is this... Focus your attention not on when or how much TIME you're spending together. Men don't care or value things about a woman based on TIME (the way lots of women do). Instead, focus on creating the situations, the moments, and the experiences that are sure to have him WANTING more from you. When you do this, you won't have to worry or ask for more... because he'll constantly be coming towards you and looking for more. Tip #2: Be Different Than Other Women A man loves being around a woman who has more to talk about than the boring everyday stuff. Talking to him about things like problems at work, errands you have to do this weekend, how tired you feel, what you had for lunch, etc. all lead to the same uninspired feeling- Plain old BOREDOM. When you meet a man, asking him what he does for a living or talking about your job is also boring. It's what every OTHER woman does. If you call a man you've been out with, and you start telling him all about some problem or tough situation you're having in your life before he knows you very well, it's not only boring to him- it's also a little much for the first few go-rounds. It's what all the other women did who were the WRONG WOMAN for him. If you want to meet and attract a very "together" guy who has a lot going for him, including looks and brains, then you have to STAND OUT from the crowd. You cannot be BORING and PREDICTABLE. Men who are attractive enough to be sought- after have seen and heard it all from women. And they'll VERY QUICKLY lose interest if you talk the same way as 98% of the other women they've met. But... A man will LOVE being around you if you communicate a love for and enjoyment of life, and bring a unique and UPBEAT ENERGY that shows you have fun and interesting things OF YOUR OWN going on. This will set you APART from every other woman a man knows. And it will make him want to spend more and more time with you. The women a man is looking to AVOID are the women looking for a man to fill their life and make it more interesting and fun. The woman a man can't help but FALL FOR is the woman who is already doing great things in her own life which naturally attract him into wanting to be more a part of it. The question is... What are you doing in YOUR OWN LIFE that a man would want to be a part of? Or are you looking for a life with a man? Tip #3: Don't Be Predictable If a man has no idea what you'll do or say next, he's MUCH more likely to constantly think and wonder about you. What does this mean? This means that if you know to create a level of unpredictability so that he is constantly pleasantly surprised by you, it will work like magic to trigger his attraction. For example, instead of thinking or feeling so seriously all the time with men when you have something you want to say... use humor and teasing when possible. These 2 things are like MAGIC GLUE with a man that will make him want to stick with you. One fun and simple thing you can do is this- Tell a man the exact OPPOSITE of what you're really thinking, but smile when you say it. "I can't stand you." (wink) "You look awful in that shirt." (smirk) "Too bad you're no fun." (grin) Men love this kind of playful flirting. Why? Because rather than just complimenting a man or gushing about your feelings, you're creating some playful TENSION. And tension creates a great energy that a man will want more of. It's predictable that if you like a man, and you're looking for a relationship for you to say, "I think you're a great guy, and I'm looking for a serious relationship and life partnership." Not so exciting in the grand scheme of things- although it's heartfelt. It's fun and UNPREDICTABLE to instead say, "You know, I'm not so sure about you. (wink) I'll guess I'll have to wait and see if you're worthy of what I can share. (smile)" This kind of thing drives a man wild on several levels beyond just his Physical Attraction. One a basic level, men love to be teased by women they want. Teasing works so well for women who use it as an alternative to being so serious because it is one of the primary male languages for BONDING AND CONNECTION. You have probably seen this yourself. Think about all the weird nicknames your guy has for his friends, and how they like to crack jokes and make (good-hearted) fun of each other. Guys love it when you don't take yourself too seriously. On the other hand, men usually lose interest in a relationship when things get TOO PREDICTIBLE, TOO SERIOUS, or just TOO BORING and the woman is no longer the radiant, upbeat, fun-loving, energetic woman who he was attracted to in the first place. Bottom line: men will become restless and uncertain when they stop feeling that gut-level attraction for you physically and emotionally. It's a huge part of what bonds a man to you. That's why it's important to know what to do to trigger those feelings to keep the spark alive and healthy in your relationship. Which brings me to... Tip #4: When In Doubt, Seek Answers Do you know exactly what to do to make the man you're interested in quickly feel that spark of interest and ATTRACTION for you? Or... Do these things not come as naturally for you with men as you'd like to admit? Too many women go about pretending that they know what men really want and respond to... Meanwhile they do all kinds of things that accidentally push the man they're interested in away from them. There's a common belief among women (and men) that we're supposed to simply know and understand exactly what the opposite sex likes and wants. Nothing could be farther from the truth for lots of women (and men). Never the less, lots of women keep doing the things that don't work with men and push them away over and over. Only to become frustrated and upset when, yet again, things don't work for them with a man. If you're serious about no longer feeling like your love life will NEVER WORK OUT... And you're really and truly ready for the right answers to make things work for you, then things are going to be easy for you. Why easy? Because you've already done THE HARD PART- You've made the CHOICE to open up and learn and new way of going about things. To get started doing the things that simply work with men, follow these 4 simple steps- 1) Get my "Natural & Lasting Attraction" program 2) Watch it and discover the simple things you can do and say with a man that will have him feeling wild with anticipation for each new step in your relationship 3) Go out and actually DO the things I show you 4) Sit back and enjoy the positive outcomes and the easy time you have connecting with and attracting that one special man in your life It really doesn't get much easier than this to create the change you're looking for. Go here now and get my "Natural & Lasting Attraction" program here: http://www.catchhimkeephim.com/NALA Curious about exactly what's in this in-depth attraction program of mine? In it I show you how to focus your time, thoughts and energy with a man so you can watch his feelings for you grow and intensify... And instead of you wasting your energy doing or saying things that would normally "freak" him out or make him withdraw, you can learn how to effortlessly create such intense feelings of attraction inside him that he'll want to have you all to himself... forever. Here are a few more of the exciting things you'll learn in this program: -The single most powerful way to really "get" to a man and lodge yourself in his mind so thoughts of you keep popping up... and actually interrupt his day! (I secretly LOVE when a woman does this to me... because it lets me know she's something special and I should spend more time with her) -The secrets of those "naturally attractive" women who never seem to go through all the fuss and hassle that other women endure (Here's how to use their strategies to get a man to want YOU for more than just a fling) -How to completely avoid the resistance some men have with love and connecting that most women struggle to get past... so you can bypass this whole unnecessary process of "dating games" and experience love naturally -The REAL reason why men sometimes lose interest in a woman after they get physically involved with them for the first time (If you've had this happen with more than one or two men there is a good chance you are making this mistake... and it's CRUCIAL that you learn what it is and how to fix it) -What to do when you find yourself falling for a guy "friend" (Here's the smooth and comfortable way to make him yours WITHOUT taking any risk of "freaking him out") -How to create intense EMOTIONAL ATTRACTION that gets a man to choose YOU over another woman who is younger or better-looking than you are -A deadly mistake even confident, experienced women make that they THINK will make a man like them more... but actually drives a man AWAY because it makes you look "clingy" -How to show a man you are interested in him in a way that makes him more and more interested in YOU each time you do it -The deadly mistake that makes even confident women come off as "clingy" and even desperate to the one man they are REALLY interested in (Luckily, this is easy to avoid when you know what it is) -The 3 parts of a man's mind, and several simple tips on what to say to your man that will stimulate each of these 3 parts at once (The "Triune Brain") -And lots more You can know all this, and enjoy the fun and comfort that comes from doing all the right things that turn your man on each and every day. Wouldn't you like to enjoy this effortless kind of feeling that comes from things just "flowing" in your relationship? All you have to do is get yourself a copy of my "Natural And Lasting Attraction" program to get started. The best part is that you can check it our for yourself FREE for an entire month. I wouldn't be surprised if you started noticing a HUGE difference right away when you start using my step-by-step plan for evoking powerful feelings of LOVE and CONNECTION in him. And that's before you even have to think about whether or not you want to keep and pay for this incredible program. 4 Ways To Be Irresistible To A Man‏ I'm 100% confident this program can and will change the way your man responds to you. That's why I'm willing to let you TRY IT OUT before I'll ask you to decide if it's for you or not. It's really that simple. If you want to learn how to make your man feel more physically and emotionally connected to you so that he wants you more than any woman he's ever met... then get my "Natural And Lasting Attraction" and start using what's in it right now.

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