Tuesday, November 25, 2008


The Player

He has only one mission
One single task to complete
Capture the heart of his victim
For the player an easy feat

His words caress your spirit
His voice corrupts your mind
You'll tell him you want to take it slow
But he'll quicken the pace you'll find

He's desperate to find the girl of his dreams
That's what he'll try and make you believe
But never tell him you love him
That's his cue to leave

He will swear on a lie he's telling the truth
And you'll believe every word he mutters
Ignoring all the obvious signs
When he tells you there aren't any others

He will make you feel so special
You'll finally feel like you belong
But I'm afraid it will only last
Until the next one comes along

Shamelessly he flirts with every girl he sees
He says it doesn't mean a thing
He'll tell you you're the only one
But there's plenty more waiting in the wings

He may act like a monster
But it really isn't his intention
He is just so damn insecure
He'll do anything to get attention

So play his little game
If you're a player too
But if you have a genuine heart
Tell him to stay the fuck away from you

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