Sunday, May 4, 2008

"The Different PERSONAS of a Filipina"

Filipina Women has an exemptional beauty that stands out!

We can't deny the fact that in popular search engines, the keyword "Filipina" is equivalent to different dating, penpal, nude and scandalous websites. This is also one of the reasons why some people from other countries have a different perception on Filipina Women in general.

The Filipina Writing project of Janette Toral aims to clean-up the search engines by encouraging other people to write an impressive and clean entries in their blogs and hopefully, these entries would appear in the first pages of the different search engines.

I've been thinking of a unique way of writing an entry for this project. As a self-confessed TV addict, I thought of writing an entry that describes the different personas of a Filipina by the use of the popular teleserye characters in Philippine Television.

A Filipina is a Real-Life Superhero - When I say "superhero", i don't actually mean that Filipinas have invisibility powers and have skimpy outfits to wear everyday. A real-life superhero is someone who can perform their duties well and are responsible enough to know what is the right thing to do. The characters Angel Locsin performed in the past reflects the persona of a real-life Filipina like in Darna, where she's willing to sacrifice her personal happiness just to serve other people. We have lots of "Darnas" out there like a Filipina Mom!

A Filipina is a loyal wife and a good mother- The Filipino version of Marimar portrayed by Marian Rivera is deeply in love with her husband, Sergio. Her innocence and pretty smile can brighten up any person's day. She is willing to do anything and everything to save her marraige and support her own family. Sunshine Dizon's character as Bakekang is someone who took good care of her daughters and did everything just to give them the best things life can offer.

A Filipina is Talented - Just take the characters portrayed by Rica Peralejo, Maja Salvador and Sarah Geronimo at the TV Show "Pangarap na Bituin". A Filipina can either sing, dance, act or do other creative stuff. Want some proof? Lea Salonga is a well-known Filipina stage actress. Nicole of The Pussycat Dolls and Vanessa Hudgens of the High School Musical are proud to be Pinay. Christine Gambito of HappySlip, a popular Youtube director is also a Filipina! Talk about world-class Pinay!

A Filipina prioritizes her Family - The character of Roxanne Guinoo as Gillian in the Sineserye "Natutulog ba ang Diyos" gone through a lot for her family. Margarita, played by the controversial Wendy Valdez did the "kapit sa patalim" job by dancing in clubs just to support her family. Kristine Hermosa's Maningning character in Prinsesa ng Banyera is taking good care of her mom and tries to juggle her work at the pier and as a nursing student. Therefore, Filipinas are Hardworking.

A Filipina is Undeniably Sexy - The keyword "sexy filipina" is usually used in a wrong way by some online searchers. For me, a sexy filipina knows how to carry the clothes she wears and is someone who is attractive without trying really hard. A perfect example of which is the Marimar Primera Kontrabida, Angelika, played by the Philippines' Finest, Katrina Halili. Observe the way she projects in that TV show. Another sexy pinay is Anne Curtis as Celine. She speaks her mind and she has that body to die for!

A Filipina is Simply Beautiful - Do I have to elaborate on this? I remember one of Nicole PCD's interview during their visit in the country that the reason why she stood out among the Pussycat Dolls is because of her exotic looks. It is pretty evident that her Filipina features are much stronger. Some of the pretty pinays we have on TV include Bianca King, Nadine Samonte, Yasmien Kurdi, Tanya Garcia, Angelika dela Cruz , Iza Calzado and a lot more.

A Filipina is a Hopeless Romantic - Bea Alonzo's character as Jackie in Maging Sino Ka Man can prove this. A Filipina can have all the money in the world, but you know what makes her really happy? A Prince Charming who will love her and will have a happily ever after lovestory with her. Also included are Cecilia of Sana'y Ikaw na Nga, Yna of Pangako Sayo and Via of Mula sa Puso.

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