Saturday, May 31, 2008

"Something Weird But You Need To Live w/ It"

StuPid CudiD!!!
this is something we all want,this is something that people run down,strive and say that they need.the fact of the matter is love actually finds you and it comes like the more we run it down the more it escapes from us so at the end of the day we reach nowhere.when you find love you must cherish it like if you wont find anymore cause loves like ah bitch if you play with her she'll turn around and burn you in the end.oh and you have to be pretty crazy to fall in love because to love someone who is exactly like YOU is very weird,cause what you will normally do... you will be seeing someone else doing it but that's why you'll love the person cause he/she would do all the things you love to do so it doesn't really matter.

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