Sunday, May 4, 2008

"Life is full of mystery waiting to be discovered"


There is no guarantee of what will happen tomorrow. That's what makes now so vitally important.

For now you can live and act and think and speak and work and love and learn and play. Now is here and you have it to use, so put into now the fullness of life.

What is your most treasured dream? Now is when you can bring it to life.

What means more to you than anything else? Now is your moment to fill with that meaning.

Let all the goodness you've ever known touch you in this moment. And use the positive power of your creativity to build even more new value.

Now is what you have, now is where you are, and now is everything you need. Now is when you can make life great.


It feels lousy to be disappointed, whether it is by other people, by circumstances, or by your own mistakes. And yet, in each disappointment there is also opportunity.

When a disappointment comes, acknowledge it and feel it for what it is. Then quickly step away from it and take a more objective look.

You'll discover that in the larger context of your life, that disappointment can have positive value. Though one door has been closed to you, many more have just been opened.

From each disappointment you can gain knowledge, motivation, perspective and a more clearly defined purpose. From each disappointment, you can learn much about life and about yourself, much that will help you move on ahead.

When life lets you down, there is value to be found in that disappointment. Quickly get back up and begin to live that value.

When you go forward, you will occasionally stumble. And when you choose to positively recover from those stumbles, you'll move more quickly ahead.


If you are not happy with what you already have, how can you expect to become happy by getting more? Instead of expecting that happiness will come to you from the outside, choose to send it out from the inside.

If you've been waiting for some thing or event or condition before choosing to be happy, there is no need to wait any longer. Go ahead, choose to be happy, and then you'll move more effectively toward whatever you desire.

Having the good and valuable things you desire is not a cause of happiness. It is an expression of happiness.

Happiness is not yours when you chase it or put conditions on it. Happiness is yours when you allow it.

Choose right now to allow it. Choose to be happy and genuinely thankful about who you are, what you're doing, what you have and where you're going.

And right away, that positive attitude on the inside will begin to build and improve the factors on the outside. Allow happiness, and allow your life to run in a positive, fulfilling direction


Fill your thoughts with peaceful purpose. Focus on the good that you're able to do right here and now.

Fill your mind with awareness of the positive possibilities and thoughts of how you can bring them about. Fill your heart with joy and gratitude for the many opportunities that you now have.

In this moment, the world is the way it is, so decide to concentrate on how good it can be. Choose to invest your focus in making the very best of now.

What has happened has happened and it is now behind you. Take the best of it all as you move positively forward.

Allow peace to fill your heart in this moment. Then send that peace outward into life as your gift to this day.

Let yourself live this day with calm and peaceful purpose. There is so much that can be done.

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