Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Be Irresistible to Men"

Learn infallible strategies for making yourself irresistible to men.

Have you ever wondered why some women never seem to be able to find or hold on to one man while some others attract men wherever they go-school, work, church, parks, grocery stores…even the vet's office-and never seem to have a shortage of them?

Do you think some women are natural born man magnets and others are man repellents?

The truth of the matter is some women simply have a nearly infallible ability to attract men. Some women have this ability naturally. But there's no need to despair if you aren't one of those lucky ladies, because any woman can be taught how to make herself irresistible to men.

The Difference Between What Men and Women Want From Relationships

There is an old saying that men use love to get sex and women use sex to get love. There is definitely truth in that old adage. Men and typically, at least at the beginning of a relationship, want very different things. Most single heterosexual women want to be in a healthy, permanent, committed and monogamous relationship with a man who treats her like a goddess and loves her relentlessly. On the other hand, most single heterosexual men want to avoid commitment at all costs, and want to go out and have fun (i.e., sex) with as many attractive, sexy, uninhibited women as they possible.

Are you beginning to envision women with nets chasing after men who are running for their freedom?
Obviously, this presents a dilemma. Fortunately, it is not an insurmountable one. Most men eventually come around to actually desiring to be in a committed relationship at one point (using just as their hairlines begin to noticeably recede). Some men become good husband material and get ready to settle down sooner than others, and some, of course, never do. But that's alright, there's no point in wasting your time, effort or energy on men who don't share your relationship objectives. Think of managing relationships as a business; avoid markets that have no potential for profitability.
What Men Want In A Woman (Besides A Nymphomaniac)

You might think that you'd need to look like a supermodel to attract a man. Fortunately, this is not true, or there'd be a lot of average- and less-than-average-looking women who wouldn't have a snowball's chance in you know where of ever landing a man. But the truth of the matter is a lot of women who would never be crowned Miss America (or even be named a runner up) are blissfully in love with men who love them deeply and passionately. Be assured that regardless of what you look like you can experience the love and romance you desire and enjoy a wonderfully fulfilling relationship with a man who will love you for the rest of your life.

So what do men want in a woman? Men want a woman they can love, cherish and respect, and who will love, cherish and respect them back. Men want a woman who exudes confidence. Men want a woman who thinks she's all that because she is all that. Men want a woman whose inner beauty eclipses her outward appearance. Men want a woman who knows who she is, and who is comfortable in her own skin. Men want a woman who loves them unconditionally, who respects them immensely, who has eyes only for him and who satisfies him sexually.
In other words, men want a woman who they can respect and be proud of, and who makes him feel like the smartest, most handsome, sexiest, most virile man alive! What will ultimately make a man fall in love with you (and stay in love with you) is how you make him feel about himself.

How to Make Yourself irresistible to men

Now that you know what men really want in a woman, you can do what it takes to make yourself irresistible to the men you find desirable.
Here's what you need to do to make yourself irresistible to the men you're interested in romancing:
Be approachable.
Be generous with your warm smile.
Let your pleasing personality shine through.
Share your contagious sense of humor with him.
Accentuate your best features.
Where clothing that flatters your figure.
Let your every action and movement reflect your intelligence, poise, charm, integrity, grace and confidence.
Treat your man like the king he is.
Tell your man how much you love, cherish, adore, respect, need and value him.

Be sexually adventurous, uninhibited and insatiable
These strategies will help you become as attractive to men as honey is to bees. Go ahead and implement them, and enjoy the love and romance you so richly deserve!

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