Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"What is Important is the Inner Beauty"

Spiritual Beauty

As a healer I shall not find it satisfactory when the principal purpose of life, and the basis upon which the practice of natural healing is executed is not taken cognizance of: The Honour and Glory of God from Whom all that is beautiful had come. And thus the choice of the title as a dedication to the Honour of God through Whose Power the effort is made possible.The Law of Beauty is Perfection of being! Something that is quite far-fetched in the world today. The beauty of man should be a reflection of the highest state of living radiance, after the beauty of the Primordial Images of God, that is, as far as a human spirit can bear. Spiritual beauty entails a life that is built on God-fearing principles; which, however, cannot be achieved until a man resolves to walk his way back to the Creator by having to put away the dross of the spirit for raiment’s of glowing white, through the just compliance to God’s Will, and grasp at the Word of Truth as brought to mankind by the Envoys of God. He who wears a dross of degeneracy as the garment of his soul may outwardly look beautiful, be regarded by men, until, maybe at some point in his life he comes to realize that without the beauty of soul one really has not lived as he really should, even if he has the entire world at his call. The path of the release of the Law of Beauty does not only affect the physical body, but also on the other aspects of the life of man, pervading everything he does, and not just the part-channels of reciprocation which affects the beauty of the physical body. He who truly is beautiful cannot be afflicted by diseases, since the quality of soul he bears, and the brilliance of the raiment he wears does not permit of blemishes which condenses outwards into diseases, ailments and deformities. He who feels he is not beautiful simply has allowed his soul to be defeated by his weaknesses. Give the soul the brilliance it needs, that is, “wash it clean in the Light of God’s Power” and see how all ugliness radiate charm and beauty. The coming back to earth again of such a radiantly constituted soul leaves all former deformities cleared, just as he who is beautiful today – outwardly, was such as did take care of his body aright in his past life. In the beginning all was beautiful, until sin came with its deformities. In Paradise man attains to his highest beauty of self … As a self-conscious spirit that has become perfect.Praise the spirit instead, and your charisma will speak above all else. In “natural healing” there are certain remedies and therapies which are applicable for the unveiling or restoration of the beauty of self, such as can be with herbal teas, decoctions and salves. While on the therapeutic side the use of certain gemstones and massage therapies help to unleash the power and glow of personal beauty, within and without. By whichever means one may desire, remember that naturalness is the language of God Himself … And the way of the practice back to Him. In subsequent editions I shall be dealings within issues concerning the way and manner with which I restore the beauty of self by handling the threatening diseases of Life as healer. God’s Blessing!

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