Saturday, May 3, 2008



its nice to be love and to love
but its hurt to be rejected by the one you love
you thinking that your not good enough for him/her.
not only you and me has been rejected
all of us we experienced that
yes it is hurt to be rejected but u need to hold on
and move on w/ your life.
and one thing don't think that he/she rejected u bec.
you r not good enough maybe u just love the wrong person
or she/he have somebody else
even her/him has been rejected you just the same
don't even compare yourself to others make your own rule.
open your eyes in reality that REJECTION is a part of LOVE
you will hurt once or twice but use it as a challenge to you
don't overcome with your feeling
sometimes you need to use your mind
not just your heart in having a decision.
maybe he is not the right man or girl for u
learn for your experience and be strong for it
until one day love is on your front door.

post by: arianne

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