Saturday, May 3, 2008

" You are my POEM"

My Guy , My Dreams

I had met my dream guy indeed, yes i surely did
He is just a regular who is earning 18ok per annum
I realized that i am a very lucky girl

To have
a man who is a all time favorite of women
I guess it is bec. he looks good & have a good life

So ,sorry girls i'm just so blessed to have him

My guy is so romantic , very poetic like no one else

He won't talk or go out with other women bec. of me

& he always does misses to have sex but he resist for me

So sweet,so faithful i never wanted any other guy than him

For him I am a beautiful woman

He loves my mind,He loves my soul

I'm his Angel,For him ,I am the one

My guy is very intelligent that i can't compare to no one

He loves multitasking,he is a man of pure energy

He works as a real estate broker,a professional blogger

& software engineer,very talented ...what can i ask for
now he works for the government,as a spy
I am very proud of my man because he works so hard

He thinks so far,He hides so fast,He loves that

& I love him for that,He is a man who craves excitement

& he never runs out of ideas that makes him so hot.

Just staring at my guy makes me want to take off my undies

He is one of a kind,He is Mark Pierre Bongani
& we are
moving to India to build our husband.

By: Avi Nascar

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