Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"Missing Pieces of Me"


how can i forget the way you smiled, the way you
talked with the eyes

your sweet voice still is alive in my ears,

though today you stay so far from the eyes

i can still smell you in my breath, and feel your warmth on my chest

the moments we spent lying over each other on the
grass were the best

you will be my bride you had vowed, on the sunny
day in my arm

you will never part you promised,and wont cause me any harm

but today i am lonely once again,

surrounded by your

precious memories

you left when all alone i will be you knew well,

and left for me here and there only worries

a baby you will give me as a token you had promised

The days our body were two in fact but in one soul

what i got in your love and what was it that i missed

my brain i find in a turmoil when i go through the days we kissed

I still long for the moment i enlaced you, your breast with my breast collated

the warmth of your heavy breath feel i still over my cheeks and neckthe kisses which were at first tender and became passionate, sensual and and desiring later

the curves of your body, i admired like in a dreamthe touch of yours which rendered me supreme your heartbeats which were counted only for me and my every breath
which were taken only for you never shall i ever forget whatsoever happens to me you
were, are, and will be what you were for me will you ever be in my arms, to quench the thirst of this heart?

will i ever see you again before i leave this world to part??

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