Friday, May 16, 2008

"How to have a strong relationship?"

What a girl needs most is love.
What a guy needs most is respect.
The most important thing for a girl is her heart.
For a guy it's his ego.
Give your man his own time and space. Let him have his time for his friends, sports, family, self, and God.
The relationship will grow old quickly if you're always together.
Give him time to miss you and you'll see how he will love you more. If the guy is obsessed and just wants to be with you all the time, tell him you can't respect a "puppy" for long.Do things differently anytime so that even if you've been together a long time, there is always something fresh and new. Variety is the spice of life. Keep the excitement! Discover something you both like to do and enjoy it TWOgether.
For things that you differ, compliment each other by learning more about it.
If you love someone, both your efforts to try patching up will go a looooong way. You'll understand him later if you have disagreements. Pray with holding hands
Sounds corny? Maybe, but its very powerful. If your partner is God-fearing, you will be confident enought that he will not do anything foolish because
He knows God sees everything he does in secret.
You take the initiative that before you part after a date, with hands held and eyes closed,
pray to God to bless you two.
Believe me it's effective. Ever since, praying is not corny.
Believe in "Magic".
do sweet little things for the one you love
The memories will be fun to recall later in life. The corniest song or gift or letter is always a sure hit. True love brings out the best in each otherFind something good in your Partner and nurture it, encourage it and of course, ENJOY it.
It's healthy to fight.
It is that time when you patch up your fights and will be able to test how strong your relationship have become. You will also get to know him better.
Its called test of fire.
It is not important how frequent you fight. What matters is how often you become friends again. You get more worried when your relationship is too perfect and always happy. One big fight and that's it! Isn't it more exciting the second time around with him?
But don't overdo it. It's tiring too if we always say sorry and always win him back . Choose your battles.You will experience different stages of your relationships especially you've been together long. Grow with it. Don't expect him to be like the first time you were just starting.
'Coz like a student, they don't teach grade 6, lessons for grage 2.
Change WILL happen... you both will change and your love WILL change too.
It's up to you if the change will be for the better or for the worse.
Life is about growth. Grow with it.
When break up comes and it's time to say goodbye, don't doubt the love just because it didn't last.
There are certain things that even if it does not last long, it doesn't mean it was not true.
Some good things are just never meant to last forever.
It's Okay. Bless the parting and move on. Expect tears, sorrow, sleepless nights and pain.
As the saying goes- "it's when you hurt the worse that you love the MOST."
If you're not willing to go through pain, then don't attempt to start loving. Life is a balance.
And love is both holding on and letting go.
Know when to fight for your man and when to let him go.
God will guide you what to do in those situations.
So your heart signal to heaven must be higher than your mobile phone to know His wisdom.

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