Saturday, May 31, 2008


A thing of beauty is a joy forever..."

For eons, people have been trying endlessly to define beauty. Many words are synonymous to it, many people have been attached to it. Here's some definition of beauty, othrwise known as Pulchritude!

A truly beautiful person possessess....

PATIENCE. Isn't it nice for a person to have grace under pressure? To still remain cool amid a difficult situation? Someone who thinks before acting?

UNDERSTANDING. You'd easily fall for someone who understands you, whom you could easily relate to and entrust your whole life to! Someone kind enough to accept you for who you are, and ask you to accept him for who he is!

LOVE. The inevitable factor - someone with so much love inside with which he's willing to share to the world makes up one attractive person.

CREATIVITY and CONFIDENCE. Someone who can change the color from gloomy to bright certainly possesses the trait of someone beautiful! And of course, it all depends on how well you carry yourself! Charm begins with Confidence!

HUMILITY. When you know you are great and you don't let it go to your head, then it makes everyone go crazier about you.

RESPECT. Beautiful people do not only respect others, but they highly respect themselves as well. They know the value of dignity and self-righteousness. They know how to respond to any situation and what their limitations are.

TRUTH. Beauty is truth and purity. Someone who is truly beautiful would never hide the truth. He knows that truth is the color of beauty.

UTTER SIMPLICITY. A ton of makeup couldn't hide the ugliness in you! So keep it simple and let your beauty show and blow them away with nothing added!

DEDICATION. A truly beautiful person is dedicated - to God, to his dreams, to his loved ones and to himself! He knows that discipline is the number one essential in Beauty.

EMPOWERED. Of course, every beautiful person is oozing with power! He stands by his wise principles in life and always fights for what is right! He's never stubborn, but open-minded and strong

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