Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"Love-Hate Relationships"

Abusive Love Hate Relationships

Abusive relationships have too many variables to mention in one piece, but for the most part, they must be mentioned, since hope is available. Contrary to love and relationships, abusive relationships are built on love and hate.

The victim of an abusive relationship often loves their partner and hopes that someday the person will change, which it never happens. The other component in the relationship has a deep buried hatred and uses the mechanisms that humans require to control his or her mate. The hate is often buried deep and exposes itself when an emotion is touched by the mate. The person will ever strike out in public, attacking another person of the same gender, but it does happen.
The mate showing love to his or her lover often hears “I am sorry, it won’t happen again. I was just mad.” The person with hate buried inside often makes excuses for his or her behavior and the partner often believes the lies throughout the relationship.

Abusive relationships come in many forms. In other words, doctors, lawyers, cops, judges, poor, or other class of people can be the hater while the mate is the lover. The person filled with hate will often use the mate as a punching bag when he or she feels angry. The anger is buried deep, thus the partner can trigger the mate under any circumstance. In other words, a wrong word that is not wrong to someone else could ignite an emotion that strikes out at the target.
Love and hate relationships are the worse kind since someone always gets hurt. Statistics show that every 3 minutes a woman is battered by her mate, thus in some instances killed. The ongoing problem needs a resolve, since lives are at stake, therefore, I am writing this article in hopes they someone will listen and get help now.

A good relationship is based on trust, love, and faith and sharing. When one partner is giving more than the other partner this is not love. When one partner trusts that his or her partner is faithful and the partner is out spreading it around like the plague then someone is going to get hurt.

Nowadays, it is next to impossible to find pure love. Good men often find women that treat them ill, while bad men are mistreating women badly that their views of men diminish over time. Good women often find men that cheat, lie, or take them for granted, thus finding a good relationship nowadays is next to impossible.

Persons in an abusive relationship often remain with their partners regardless of the level abuse, since the hater has their self-esteem and confidence torn down so badly that they believe that no one else wants them. Even if they do have a shred of dignity left, they are often threatened that if they leave the abuser will hurt or kill a family member, friend, or the partner. The law is no help, or offers little help to partners of abusive relationships. Rather, in most states the cops have allowed murder before acting upon the crime. This happens too often, thus the law is not in the favor of the person believing their partner will change, rather they are in no one’s favor but the predator him self. History will backup my every word on this topic, thus I am not holding back any punches.

Thus, if you are in an abusive relationship you may want to consider what love and relationship really means. If you are believing that your mate will change you are wasting valuable time and co-depending him or her in their ungodly behaviors. Love does not hurt, rather love makes a person feel hope, secure, confident, and ready to take chances in life. Love offers hugs, kisses, respect, trust, and a hand when times are hard.

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