Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"How to be Irresistable to women"

Is Really Important Part ... Be With Me ..

The Secret Key To Make Any Woman Fall In Love With You ♥♥ !!!

The secret key to making any woman fall in love with you is this: Find out what is missing her life right now and be the man to provide it.When you first meet this woman, first study her character, find out her moods, needs, and wants. If she is a woman who needs excitement and adventure, ask her along to go on a trekking trip with you.

Get her out of her comfort zone, tell her you know someone very well who could guide both of you up that mountain for a good price. Let her know you are somebody who would sacrifice time and comfort to be with her.If what is missing in her life is suffering and challenges, and that she feels life is too easy to feel truly alive, what she needs are doing things which are against the norms.

For instance, if she has never really adopt an exercise and keep fit program daily, you can be the one to introduce her to weights training, something which is always dominated by men. If it is something new that she has never tried before, she will be keen to give it a try, and you can keep up your relationship with her from there.

Whatever it is, you adapt yourself to her ideals and bring her fantasy to life. You have to focus intensely on her and find out what she is disappointed by. She will often reveal this in subtle ways: through gesture, beliefs in life and tone of voice.This is how the love of my life made me fall in love with him and win over my heart. Even though I am heavily involved in sports just like him, but I am never really a very outdoor person.

From young, I have a strong inner desire for freedom and independence (which I’m deprived of because of my family background), and he is the one seeming to be what I lack.In short, he fit my ideal, and this is what attracts me to him almost like a magnet. No other man can give me this good feeling when being with him.

He showed me that all of us can get close to nature and to experience that blissful feeling of freedom through various ways and he taught me a new sport – mountain biking; and I simply love the sheer thrill, fun and excitement of riding with him through the wilds with no worries, and feeling absolutely free!He arranged a trekking trip for me and some of my other friends and we flew all the way to Malaysia to climb Mount Ophir. He told me, once I succeeded in reaching the top, that feeling of satisfaction is indescribable.

And it was true! It was really an exhilarating feeling being able to climb up there after a good effort. Finally, I found a man who could make me feel greatness in myself, and not just pampering me fulfilling my wishes of only material things!

Many other men are wrapped up in their own desires, impatience and selfishness, that they pale in comparison to the love of my life. This is why I have chosen him, and this is why I accept his date and reject others.

So, if you want to make a woman fall in love with you, become somebody who seems very attuned to her innermost desires. In addition, try to bring her immense pleasure by bringing to life her fantasies! It’s not how you look (whether you are tall, short, thin or fat!) that matters, it’s what you do and how you do it.

!!The True Story ((But Not My Story))!!

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