Saturday, May 10, 2008

"Things Happens For A Reason"

"When Good Things happen to Bad People & Bad Things happens to Good Ones."

When something bad happens to our lives it does'nt mean that God does'nt loves us.All things that happens to us have purpose that could serve us a lesson & know the true meaning of our existance.

Some people ask God why bad things occurs to good people & bad people are blessed with good things.

Don't question God for he knows what's the best for us.If you look at the bigger picture,you can understand why things happen.

God has his plans for all of us.We are all his children & he wanted us to be guided to his path.He teaches us to be a better person but still gave us the freedom to choose from which path we'll going to take.

God give chances to all his children.we are all put on a test.We are all born as an individuals,have own mind & body.We are the one who has the power to control which path we'll take.Some take the right path by being a good follower of God.Some chooses to be bad blinded by earthly possesions.

But still God is consicerate he give chances for all of us to change & choose to be right.

God do good things to bad people to make them realized the blessings they had recieved & make use of it for the greater good.

Some accept the changed but others still chooses to be stuck in the mud they are presently trapped.

These are people that are blinded by greediness that leads them to a meaningless life.They are pursuing their dreams that has no real goal & meaning.

While the good ones who are experiencing hardships & trials despite their good deeds.This are just all trials.God have bigger plans for these people.He is just preparing them,their strength & faith in him,if they are ready to face their mission in life.To know if you will still stand by his words even inthe darkest moment in your life or you will be destroyed easily by your ill faith.Without this trials we won't be able to learn what is right from wrong.Without this trials we will be easily destroyed by our wickedness.Trials are test of endurance.Without this trials we won't know the true value of life.

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