Saturday, May 31, 2008

"Have you ever met The One?"

Nahhhh!!!!!I Have Met Him ,The Man that I can say The ONE...

Yup..the One i Hated so much...I know he is The One!

Ever felt like you've finally met the one?

Ever felt complete and known that what you 2 have accomplished together is right and you're proud of what you two have overcome

Ever felt like you've finally met your one and only Prince Charming and felt whole

Ever felt like you've met the one person you can truly connect with mind,heart,body and soul

Ever felt like you've been hurt too many times and this time its just too good to be true

Ever felt like one day you will be standing next to him in front of family and friends saying "I do"

Ever felt butterflies in your stomach whenever he comes near

Ever felt your heart skip a beat and found that everything with him is so simple, so clear

Ever felt the urge to do something you wouldn’t usually do

Ever felt like when he says he loves you he means it just as much as you do

Ever felt like you've been toyed with too many times and lost all hope in love and everything it represents

Ever felt that if things didn’t work out you shared something special with someone, something you will never forget nor regret

Ever felt that love will never come your way and its not for you

Well I used to think that till I found it again,hang in there you'll get your chance too...

"Have you ever felt that you want to kiss this SOMEONE & at the same time want to choke him to death... but you just could'nt because you love him so much that you would rather kick his butt!"

Have you experienced it?...I have...luckily he is still alive...Ha.....Ha...Ha.....

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