Saturday, May 3, 2008

"You are Perfect with Imperfections"

My Best Friend , My Lover

You are the one of best things that happened to my life
You opened my eyes & guided me to see through things
that i never had thought of,things that i never had imagined

You have uplifted me where i was standing when i was lost
I 've learned a lot of things
that no one can teach me but you

You have been part of me since our souls first connect

You inspired me in everything i do,
all my work is a piece of you

We love ,We hate but all i know
my love for you is greater

You have been my best friend that shares my pain & aches

You are all that i need because in you i had found a friend
A lover that gives me passion to love & be a true woman
You are not more or less,for me you are perfect!

You make me love, you make lust!

by: Pink Angel

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