Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"What it feels like being dumped?"

Why Men Dump Women

Why men dump women is a constant question asked by women and many times asked by the men themselves, most of the time there is no one real answer that stands out for either male or female besides infidelity. To most that is a pretty good indication the relationship is over.
Many women think that their guy dumped them because they nagged too much. C'mon what is the definition of nagging any way? I just Googled "nagging" and it came back with everything between talking to much to talking to loud, a woman who is unappreciated by her man and won't listen to her, to a woman who is hassling her man. Listen ladies men do not leave their woman due to "nagging".

Men will claim to leave their woman due to being pressured for a commitment. Yes this can be a valid reason, if you just met your guy a few months ago and your making remarks about forever, yes this can scare a man off in a red hot second. At the same time if you have been in a committed relationship for quite a while then you know what your man's feelings are towards commitment, to an extent anyway. I mean hey, if your playing house and its all-good why would he want a change? On the other hand if you and your guy have gradually taken steps to making your relationship more serious and you both take the relationship serious, then you could assume a next step when it's right will happen. What that step is, is for you two to decide. I guess what I am saying is if he treats you second rate, cheats on you, hangs with you when his friends are busy and you accept it, I guarantee he very well will or could leave you and use commitment pressure as a reason if he hasn't yet. We both know commitment won't be or was not the reason he left, he left because he used you and got tired of it! Real hard fact here - no man who's truly into his woman is going to treat her like I just described, so if this is you, get out, or get some respect for yourself and demand it from him.

Women have heard men dump them because they are too needy. Yea this may be a valid reason, but more than not just something to say to drop you. Sure if you live as you cannot function without your guy at your side then he's going to book. I mean how did you make it this far and if you ever do want marriage how are you going to take care of your man's children?..Please! More times than not needy is an excuse to dump you.

Now another answer to why men dump women that is popular is, overbearing. A woman who demands 100% attention, who wants what she wants period, who keeps her guy in sight at all times is a woman who will surely be dumped and never given a second thought. Listen were capable believe it or not, he got this far without you and you may influence but don't live to tell him what to do or he will move on without you.

Women think a man will dump them if their looks change, well here's a surprise, a boy will, not a man. Listen if there is real feelings for his woman a man will not dump his girl due to a weight change. Now hold on if there are two of you in the mirror and there wasn't before then that's a different story. If you don't respect yourself how can he? Ladies take care of yourself and looks will not be an honest reason he dumps you.

This perspective on why men dump women is totally from a man's point of view, an adult not a boy. I am someone who has had both serious and non serious relationships with women. I believe every excuse I mentioned here is a valid reason for a man to leave a woman if said actions took place.

With that being said if there is real respect for his woman, genuine feelings, and a caring attitude for his lady I think a man would use the reasons above as untrue excuses to leave a relationship that has become stale, boring, predictable or all of them.

If you have just been dumped or have a feeling you might be, then you need to figure out why. Is one of the reasons above true? If it is, grab hold of yourself, get a grip and remember you had that special something that attracted him to you to begin with.

If your guy has or is falling away from you, get him back. Read on to find out the true one thing a man requires in a serious relationship and if you give it to him he will never leave. It's not to late if you truly love him to get to the real reason for your man troubles and find out if your relationship is truly over or not. Calm yourself by knowing in your heart the right answer.

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