Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"Irresistable Secrets"

What Attracts the Opposite Sex: 40 Irresistible Secrets

If you've given up trying to understand the opposite sex on your own, why not go straight to the source for the real scoop? Check out these results of a nationwide survey for the irresistible answers to that age-old question: What attracts the opposite sex?

What Women Need to Know: 20 Things Men Find Irresistible
Listen up, ladies! Men love it when you:

1.Have the ability to tease, be playful and take a joke
2.Know that men are not, in fact, from Mars, and women are not from Venus
3.Wear our T-shirts and boxers
4.Call us out of the blue (if we're dating; not if we're practically strangers)
5.Kiss creatively
6.Have a social conscience and enjoy a good debate
7.Have an easy-going attitude about watching or participating in athletic events occasionally
8.Are comfortable leading the whole way in bed
9.Ask for advice about non-stereotypically male stuff (yes, guys usually know what CD player to buy, but we like to be taken seriously about other things too)
10.Are charming and thoughtful to his mother
11.Can hold up your hair using only a pencil
12.Are sexy and smart at the same time -- for example, you do the Sunday crossword wearing a pair of flirty pajamas
13.Have the ability to remind us what gifts you like, without implying an obligation
14.Have a spirit of independence, but one that doesn't make the man in your life feel unnecessary
15.Know the difference between flirting and just ''being friendly''
16.Eat a big meal and fearlessly order dessert
17.Take naps next to us
18.Send us flowers (believe it or not, men like getting flowers, too!)
19.Know what you want
20.Know what you want to do

What Men Need to Know: 20 Things Women Find Irresistible
Listen up, guys! Women love it when you:

1.Own a pair of really nice shoes and actually wear them
2.Brush the hair out of our eyes
3.Are able to hold a baby or push a stroller without squirming
4.Plan an evening out from soup to nuts, from finding a movie to making the dinner reservations
5.Kiss creatively
6.Handle our emotions with grace and compassion
7.Have impassioned, informed opinions about women writers and women's issues
8.Can distinguish between being courteous and being wimpy
9.Know how to inscribe a card with a heartfelt, personal message
10.Demonstrate respect for others by standing up when your mother comes to the table, giving up a seat on the bus for a pregnant woman, asking your dad for his opinion and really listening, etc.
11.Show genuine, platonic interest in your female friends' lives
12.Are playful around dogs, cats and kids
13.Make the bed in the morning and fold the laundry -- competently
14.Offer juice, soup and TLC when we're sick
15.Do the come-from-behind cuddle-hug, just to say hello
16.Remember insignificant details, like our favorite color or flower, and make use of that knowledge
17.Are unfailingly polite to all members of the service industries
18.Offer us caresses and compliments for no particular reason
19.Understand that we don't always like it slow and gentle in bed
20.Understand that sometimes we do

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