Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Life With Meaning"

Actions really do speak louder that words! We have to be active, involved, and hands on! We have got to SHOW that we care, and we do that through prayer, providing help/aid to those that need it, and being the hands and feet of Jesus instead of just His mouth. In fact, Chad has been addressing that very thing in his recent sermons (haven’t blogged the sermons lately…sorry!). He has been reminding us about what “church” is (and it’s not a building! It’s PEOPLE!). Each “faith community” of Christian brothers and sisters combine together to make up ONE CHURCH - the body of Christ. And because we are a BODY, we need to be a body that moves!! The hands and feet of Jesus need to be going and doing. Yes, rest has its place, but we need not be the “butt” of the body all the time.

So, how do we get moving and start seeing real “change” in this world? Well, you have got to demonstrate that you care and that comes through continuing to spread the Good News (and doing it in the most gentle and compassionate way possible)! We’ve got to keep standing together, helping each other, reaching out, and actually DOING things that support what we stand for!! For example, there are LOTS of people that say that they are pro-life, but what good is it if you merely say it and don’t DO it? Why is everyone so afraid of rolling up their sleeves and getting involved? I’m not just talking about marching, talking about it, or pestering our senators and congressman to do what’s right. What I’m especially pushing for is people to say “you can count on me!” It’s about helping out your crisis pregnancy centers, giving help/counsel to a scared pregnant mom or a post-abortive woman who is hurting, providing a soft place to fall/shoulder to cry on, developing a connection with the people you help, etc. It’s not just a “cause”; it’s PEOPLE!! Putting it more simply, the cause IS people and investing yourself in them by building a relationship/connection and fellowshipping with them. How much more is a person’s heart touched based on a personal relationship connection? How often do we display our love and compassion by pouring out our hearts in service to others? How often do we drop to our knees in humble service (literally or metaphorically) and wash peoples’ feet like our own Savior did?

Talk is cheap. Though, it’s not to say that words are not necessary or effective. Most of you reading this know that I am a “words” kind of girl (you can tell by how much I blog! LOL). I write to motivate, inspire, and encourage because it‘s one of my spiritual gifts. Words ARE important, but they are only worth as much as the heart that‘s behind them. Many of you reading already know this because I have been “active” in your lives (and you in mine!). When I say I’m there for you, I MEAN IT (and prove it!). Lots of people, including myself, say “if you need anything, I’m here for you“. I can’t speak for everyone, but sometimes that phrase is taken a little too lightly. It kind of loses it’s meaning because that phrase isn’t always a reality when it comes to ACTING on it. So, I would like to make it perfectly clear to EVERYONE that when I say “I’m here for you. If you need me, let me know!” I ABSOLUTELY mean it!! I don’t throw that out there for the heck of it. It’s not just empty words from me! Though, it’s not to say that I’m superwoman or the greatest person in the world. I do the best I can however I can, but like I tell everyone, I am human and I have my failures. So, don’t expect miracles/perfection out of me (or for me to be a complete doormat either!). Even with my flaws, though, I’m HERE and I do mean what I say. Plenty of you out there can vouch for the fact that I back it up - and I appreciate those of you that return the favor and back up your own words as well!

So, with that in mind, don‘t be afraid to call on me if you need a friend. I want to be as helpful and effective as possible, so feel free to tell me what you need (or don’t need lol) from me. I know that at the very least, I can keep working on trying to keep my blogs shorter (when possible! LOL), talk a little less, and work on my conciseness (I am such a work in progress!! LOL). And, I know that I will continue to use my gifts to blog, volunteer, listen, e-mail/call/IM friends who need someone to talk to, provide encouragement/counsel/aid, etc. I’ll keep trying to be the kind of friend that one can depend on for love, compassion, and support (just like I receive from many of you).

I guess all that’s left to say is “who’s with me?” Chad is saying the same thing. Are we all in this together? I know some of you already are!! There are a faithful few of you who I can consistently count on; the ones who always put their whole hearts into people (and you know who you are!!!). These are the people that back up their words with actions. They devote time, money, resources, and love to helping the broken and getting them through whatever they are struggling with. They know as well as I do that we need to give and do as much as we can. Alone we are one, but together we are many! The WHOLE body of Christ needs to network together in order to have maximum impact!! So, THANK YOU to my true family and friends who ALWAYS have my back; and the backs of others!! THANK YOU for always saying “yes” when I ask you to help me aid a friend (or even help me personally in any number of ways), give back to the community, etc. You are more than just the “mouth” of Jesus; you are His hands and feet. You’re going, doing, and caring!! I feel the urge to name some of you one by one, but I know you all are humble servants and I don’t want to embarrass you (or cause the less than humble people to give me grief if I didn‘t mention their name lol). You know who you are, and you have my infinite love and gratitude for all you do!

Grace and peace to all of you!! God bless you and may you be a blessing to others!

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