Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Real Men Laws

Law 1. Never put your hands on a woman. NEVER!

Law 2. Never cheat on a woman.

Law 3. Give women the respect they deserve.

Law 4. Love is not sex. Sex is a part of Love. You can’t fall in love because of her sex.

Law 5. Try your best not to make a woman feel emotional and stressed out.

Law 6. Women like to go out not stay in.

Law 7. Having a sensitive side helps. Don’t be afraid to show it.

Law 8. Flirting with other women is cheating unless the both of you are swingers.

Law 9. Be a good role model. What keeps you positive might keep her positive.

Law 10. Compliment her. Make her feel good about herself and the relationship.

Law 11. Never argue.

A. In a argument she will always be right.

B. If you feel that you are right, show proof with great evidence.

C. Don’t leave her hanging when you show proof. Tell her why you did it.

Law 12. Include her in everything you do.

A. What goes on at work.

B. Special parties.

C. Etc.

Law 13. Patience is a virtue.

Law 14. Never show Love with gifts. Show appreciation with gifts.

Law 15. Clubbing is optional but…

A. No dancing with other women (unless its an open relationship).

B. If she wants to tag along, let her.

C. If your friends talk about you, they are not men.

D. Be at the club at 10pm, be home by 1-2am. After 2am, she is pissed.

Law 16. Try your best to do some of the things she wants to do.

Law 17. Cuddling does not make you soft.

Law 18. Make sure to leave a note or message when you are going somewhere she doesn’t know about yet.

Law 19. If you Love her, tell her you do and tell her more than once.

Law 20. Marriage is really all up to you.

These Laws apply to all men in starting and continuous relationships, also marriage.

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