Monday, January 26, 2009


Survival of the fittest

Some times I wonder what will become of the human race. In nature, survival depends on a few basic rules. The best adapted and healthiest survive long enough to parent a next generation. They have to be fast enough, strong enough, camouflaged enough, healthy enough, or they won't live long enough to breed. Diseases, weaknesses and birth defects will result in a quick death, so that they do not pass on those bad genes to there offspring. It is natural selection.

Humans have also lived by these rules for a long time. The smarter humans made adaptations that allowed them to live longer than the dumber ones. The ones born with serious defects and diseases did not live long enough to give birth. Thus the human race developed into the intelligent species we are today. But intelligence came with a price.

We became smart enough to develop medicine. We became smart enough to make life easy enough to allow even the sick and weak to grow up and pass there genes on. Through protection of the community and growing adaptations, the sick and weak no longer were doomed to die.

People who were not able to survive diseases, now survived thanks to better medicine. Instead of just passing on the genes of surviving resistant and strong individuals, they passed on the genes of those who were unable to survive even a simple pneumonia without medicine. The human race grew weaker and weaker, as medicine grew stronger. And the humans multiplied, the populations exploded.

When a population of animals grows too large in nature, nature intervenes. Disease spreads and weakens the population, killing large enough numbers to restore a healthy number. We have killed so many of the natural predators in our forests, that we now have to take the place as top predator and hunt a certain number of moose and deer every year, to prevent the populations to grow too large. We know what will happen otherwise, we hunt to keep the populations strong and healthy.

Several times in human history, it seems like nature has tried to intervene our growth as well. The Spanish Flu, the Plague of Justinian, the Black Death, and many others, all killing humans by the millions. All atacking violently and spreading rapidly, designed to kill in crowded populations.

Now a new kind of pandemic is spreading, HIV and Aids. As if nature understood that a flu or a plague just won't get the job done, it created a virus that we could not stop. But we have found treatments, a way to stop HIV from developing into AIDS. Most of the time. The infected get to live on and spread there disease to others.

Cancer is a growing problem, it seems that almost everyone nowadays gets cancer in one form or another during there lifetime. In the past, people who were vulnerable to cancer died. Now they live on, maybe get cured, and pass on there genes to their children. I am a child of a cancer-survivor myself. It is not a good feeling nowing that the genes that gave my mother cancer now live on in me. And are passed on to the next generation. Generations before me, and the generations that follow me, pass on the weakness.

Why is it, that people born with the most horific birth defects and fatal diseases must survive no matter the cost? I understand that people love their family, and I understand that even sick and disabled people can live a good life. I don't say that they do not deserve a chance of life. But I do have some feelings on this matter that may upset and disgust many of you.

When my animals give birth to young with defects, I do not let them live. The young end up as meat. And the parents get neutered. Animals with serious diseases and weaknesses also get terminated. As a result, my stock has been healthy and strong the last 9 years. I only allow the best males and females to mate, the rest get neutered.
The human race is weakening itself. We should not allow the terribly defected to give birth to children. We should not allow the geneticly diseased to pass on there genes. Passing on genetic diseases and defects to the next generation is not only cruel, it is not natural. People who were not meant to survive should not pass on those genes to their children. There should have been a testing of the children after birth. If they do not live up to a certain normal physical standard, they should be sterilized. And genitic defects should be tested for, with the same result if they do not pass.
It is not natures way to pass on bad genes to the next generation. Have you ever seen a blind moose in the wild? Have you seen an adult deer with just three legs? Have you seen a bird with crippled wings? Have you seen the defected give birth? No. They get eaten or die of disease before they ever get to reach the age of sexual maturity.

Nature eliminates the weak and let the strong survive. In Africa, there are some prostitutes who are immune to HIV. Nature has given them the strong genes needed to resist the virus. Those are the women that should give birth to new generations of Africans. Scientists should collect their eggs and pass on those good genes through artificial insemination to new generations of Africans.

And the people with HIV and AIDS should either be put down or isolated. A mandatory blood test for everyone would find the infected so that we could isolate them from the healthy. We could stop tje virus from spreading further. But no one is willing to do this. Why sacrifice a few for the many?

We are too many people on this planet. But maybe I have thought about this in the wrong way.

Our intelligence may have given us medicine and a weird sence of moral. But we are also intelligent enough to have created enough nuclear bombs to wipe out all life on this planet several times over. And not a medicine in the world can heal that. So maybe nature gave us intelligence for a reason. It made us intelligent enough to make the bomb, but not wise or moral enough to not use it.

Humanity will get extinct sooner or later, let's just hope that we don't take everything with us in the fall...

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