Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Dream,Believe & Achieve"

The Magic Hundred

I know you'll find this hard to believe but I've a pretty good idea about what brought you to this blog page today.

I know that, like many, many thousands of people around the world you've been searching for that one thing that will give you the answers to the question you've been asking yourself for most of your life.

The question that is first on your mind when you wake up and last on your mind before you go to sleep at night.

When Will I Finally Be Happy?

Now, you probably don't ask the question in those exact words, in fact, I'm fairly certain you ask yourself more 'ordinary' things like:

"Why can't I lose this weight?"

"Why am I always struggling to pay the bills?"

"Why am I always arguing with my kids or spouse?"

"Why has my life become so boring?"

"Is this all there is?"

You might ask any of these things or a thousand other variants of them but regardless of how you actually phrase it, you're basically asking "When will I be happy?"

I know, because I used to ask myself questions like these every single day.

In fact, up until around 7 years ago my life was a mess. I didn't always like to admit it at the time, but it really was.

I had a lovely wife and four beautiful children and wanted to give them all the great things that life had to offer but I also had a dead-end job that paid me peanuts, no money in the bank, bills up to my eyeballs and was living from paycheque to pitiful paycheque. It would be more than fair to say I was scratching a living instead of truly living a life.

That was bad enough but what made things even worse was that I couldn't figure out how things were going to get any better for me.

You see, I had left school early to join the army so I had no academic qualifications, no money to put myself back through college and get any and no obvious way out of the hole that I felt I had dug my life into.

I must admit, it seemed to me at the time that I would somehow be doomed to a life of 'getting by' just like my parents and their parents before them, being forced to stand by and watch 'the privileged few' seemingly effortlessly get everything they wanted from life.

But Fast-Forward 7 Years...

...and the picture is very different.

I own five businesses that generate over half a million pounds a year, I'm regularly featured in national and international press, I write for numerous magazines, appear at international conventions and on television and am counted by many as one of the leading experts in the world in my field.

I own my own 4 bedroom home just 5 minutes from a beauftiful forest, I drive the car of my dreams - a brand new Landrover Discovery series three - I take vacations all around the world with my family to jungles, deserts, the Arctic Circle and the Australian 'Outback' and have seen amazing sunrises and sunsets over temples and tropical paradises that I'd only ever seen in photographs until 7 years ago.

I'm So Grateful That My Life Has Taken This New Course But I Also Know How Easy It Could Have Been To Have Kept Things Exactly As They Were Because Of Fear, Frustration And Lack Of Belief

You see, I know EXACTLY what it's like to feel like you're never going to make it, like you're never going to be, do or have the things that you really want from your life.

I know!

Who hasn't felt this way?

Yet I also know that giving in to that feeling doesn't help. Not a single bit.

In fact, giving in to the thought that 'things are the way they are and there's nothing I can do about it' is the surest way to condemn yourself to a life of unhappiness.

After all, how can you be happy when you're 'settling' for what you're getting from life rather than going after and getting what you really want?

You can't!

But I also understand that it's not always easy to dream big dreams about being successful when the evidence that surrounds you every day reminds you that you're anything but.

Telling yourself to 'remain positive' or 'have faith' just doesn't help when life is giving you negative examples of how little your faith has helped you, does it?

There's only one way to break free from the inertia that's keeping you from the things you want for your life and that's to commit to a structured plan that will take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Sounds too simplistic, I know, but nevertheless it's true.

Of course, the difficult part in this is to find that structured plan in the first place!

This is a must read for everybody. Take charge of your life for 2009!

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It's time to invest in yourself. Take the 8week challenge and see for your self..

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