Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Difference Between INFATUATION and LOVE"

+,what's the difference bet.INFATUATION and LOVE+.

InfatuAtion-is ruled by feelings but love's feelings are ruled by principle.

Infatuation feelings are change.But the problem is that our feelings are frickle.They change easily.Today i feel great,so i kiss her.Tomorrow i feel terrible so i kick her.That's not LOve!

True love has feelings,tender feelings which can we put in the human heart by a caring GOD.But love is not composed by feeling only.It is feeling plus principle.


iNFAtuation is in hurry but love takes time.Everything of permanent value in life takes time.We can build a shack overnight,but if we are building a house that will stand in fury of a hurricane,that takes time.We can put up the artificial christmas tree overnight,but to grow a real tree,that takes time.It has to be planted,watered and nourished for weeks,months,years,or years.

LOVE-is a plant,a tender precious plant,

Infatuation is in hurry-see her today,court her tomorrow and marry her the day after!It's "puppy love"And someone has rightly said"PUPPY LOVE leads to a dog's life!"but while this puppy love is in a hurry true love takes time--time to know and time to grow.

knowing a person takes time and there is no shortcut.

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