Saturday, January 3, 2009

"Hangover Tips"

" Hangover "

Let's face it. While drinking can be fun and social, the next day often isn't. You might think why I now take care of my hangover before it even happens. to get rid of Hangover you should avoid drinking alcohol, including beer.

This is the only sure fire way of preventing a beer ..hangover. Drinking small amounts of beer will, for
most people, also prevent a hangover. If yo drink plenty of water like fish before and afterdrinking beer it will help you. The hangover headache is actually a sign of dehydration so drinking water will help minimize the potential dehydration. Have beer after drinking other alcoholic beverages but not before.

Beer is absorbed more quickly into the bloodstream than many other alcoholic drinks and will cause those beverages to also be absorbed quickly if you drink beer before them. Milk is a good opponent of Alcohol, have a glass of milk before you begin drinking. The milk will retard the alcohol absorption and help protect your stomach from irritations.

Eat while you are drinking beer like Starchy foods in particular will slow alcohol absorption and aid in digesting it. Limit yourself to one drink per hour or less.

Drinking more slowly will help prevent a hangover as well as You can drink a lot if you drink slowly.Take vitamin B. A good dose of this vitamin has been shown to replenish some of the lost water-soluble vitamins from dehydration. even a lamon Juice can also help.

You may find that some different types of alcoholic beverages or even certain types of beer will affect you differently. If you are sensitive to one kind, try another.While there are a hundreds of hangover "cures" out there, preventing a beer hangover can avoid the problem altogether.

You may find that moderating your alcohol intake, switching to a different type of beer or alcohol or combining your drink with some food will be enough to prevent a beer hangover from happening.

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