Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Soul Connections"

From My Soul To Yours

From My Soul To Yours

Explore the worlds
From my soul to yours
Open the doors
Till you come to the sands

Lay in shades
Of the bravest waves
Let the bubbling dreams
Tickle your feet
Follow gentle smoke strands

Though I am a million miles south
We are both one breath exhaled by the sky
Open your mouth and speak me
Breathe me like a sun touched delicacy
Believe in me like a precious childhood memory

Run backwards
Through daily chores
Surrender to the adventure
From my soul to yours

If you ever start to suffer sugar
Pour the river in your coffee
Drink yourself down stream
Before you can function in reality
You must stand firm in your dreams

Tilt your edges
Like rust is your lover
Discover the beauty of yourself
Hidden in another
The journey which has searching for each other
Is only the love we are yet to uncover

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